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Everything BANDAI at Toy Fair New York 2022

Toy Fair 2022 was virtual this year, but still got a preview of all the latest toys coming from Bandai and Bluefin this year! Check out all the latest toys from Dragon Ball Z, Studio Ghibli, Digimon, Gundam and more !! 

Dragon Ball  

  1. Dragon Ball Super VS Blind Packs

Dragon Ball VS Blind Packs are a must own for both the casual and core fan alike! Standing at approximately 2.5 inches tall, these battle-ready figures are mini, yet mighty! You can now bring the head-to-head battles to your collectibles shelf or even to your office workspace. Series 1 includes 5 characters, each with their own display stand: Goku, Frieza, Broly, Super Saiyan Gogeta, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Gogeta. Which one will you get?

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $7.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. Dragon Ball Adverge 4-packs: Series 2

Celebrate your fandom by collecting your favorite characters in 2-inch form with Dragon Ball Adverge: Series 2!  The Dragon Ball Adverge line delivers ultra-detailed, stylized mini figures of your favorite Dragon Ball characters, posed to match the most memorable scenes from the anime. Series 2 offers two new 4-packs of fan-favorite heroes and villains. Set 1: Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Super Saiyan Broly, Piccolo; Set 2: Super Saiyan Vegito, Zamasu, Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Ultra Instinct Goku.

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $27.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. Dragon Ball Evolve 

Dragon Ball Super fans can now imagine the biggest battles and moments with the all new  5-inch Dragon Ball Evolve Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito and Beeru figures. With over 16 points of articulation these figures allow for endless possinging, play and display options. These highly detailed figures have amazing features that carry an uncanny resemblance to the anime. 

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $9.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. Dragon Ball Dragon Stars Vegeta (Dragon Ball Kai) 

Welcome the fierce battles of Dragon Ball into your world with the superior 6.5-inch Dragon Stars Vegeta (Dragon Ball Kai) action figure. Finely crafted and intricately detailed with 16 points of articulation, this version of Vegeta also features the iconic Saiyan Armor and Scouter device. Take your battles to the next level with two additional sets of interchangeable hands and character specific accessories that provide infinite posing ability. This is the highest order of quality, and as close as you can get to the real thing. You can be the star of your own Dragon Ball battles, inspired by the show and limited only by your imagination. 

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $19.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. Anime Heroes One Piece Chopper

Step into the world of Anime Heroes with the brand new collectible Chopper figure! This highly detailed 6.5-inch figure allows you to recreate your favorite anime’s most iconic moments with over 16 points of articulation – perfect for action poses! Each Anime Heroes One Piece figure also comes with additional sets of hands, character-specific accessories and premium packaging that is influenced by Japanese manga and art (great for display or play)!

Age: 4+

MSRP: $19.99

Availability: Fall/Holiday 2022

2. Digimon SHODO wave 2 

The adventure continues with SHODO Digimon Wave 2! You can now bring the action home by collecting your favorite characters from the animated series, Digimon Adventure. These highly detailed and well-articulated poseable figures stand at 3.5-inches and are the perfect addition to any Digimon fan’s shelves.

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $14.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

Tamagotchi digital pets have been thriving for a quarter of a century!

Bandai is celebrating a major milestone as the iconic Tamagotchi brand marks its worldwide 25th anniversary! The world changed forever when Tamagotchi made its way into the palms of consumers and enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, becoming one of the top toys of the 90s and early 2000s.

NanoBlocks Building Kits

  1. Pikachu, nanoblock Pokémon Series Building Kit

    Featuring the fan-favorite characters from the Pokémon series, nanoblock figures give a pixel-like design that feels retro and new, at the same time! Designed in Japan, nanoblock figures are showcased in glass boxes and collections across the globe. 

Ages 15+

MSRP: $12.90


  1. Kirby nanoblock, Box of 6

    Kirby from nanoblock’s Mininano Series is now available in an assortment of 6 adorable Kirby characters. Each one stands approximately 1.14″ tall on average.

This complete box contains one of each (a complete set) and include: Kirby x 3, Waddle Dee x 1, Kracko x 1, Meta Knight x 1

Ages 15+

MSRP: $36


  1. nanoblock World Famous Buildings – Big Ben, Sight to SeeSeries (Box of 3)

Tower Bridge from Nanoblock’s Collection series stands approximately 2.91″ tall and has 460 pieces. Difficulty: Based on a scale from 1 to 5. 1 being the easiest and 5 being most advanced. All sets come with detailed step by step instructions

Ages 15+

MSRP: $23.99


Stranger Things 

  1. The Void Series: 11-inch Demogorgon

Bandai brings Netflix’s Stranger Things to life with detailed figures, paying homage to the 80’s. Fans and collectors alike can bring home their favorite characters AND MONSTERS from the series that captivated audiences and became a global phenomenon.  This 11-inch figure is masterfully crafted and hyper-detailed with over 20 points of articulation that is sure to please all Stranger Things fans

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $39.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. 7-inch Vinyl Monster Assortment 

Bandai brings Netflix’s Stranger Things to life with detailed figures, paying homage to the 80’s. Fans and collectors alike can bring home their favorite characters AND MONSTERS from the series that captivated audiences and became a global phenomenon. There are two new monsters to collect, each crafted from a vinyl material that allows for true-to-monster form, texture and look that will please Stranger Things fans. 

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $17.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. 6-inch Hawkins Figure Collection Wave 2 

Bandai brings Netflix’s Stranger Things to life with detailed figures, paying homage to the 80’s. Fans and collectors alike can bring home their favorite characters AND MONSTERS from the series that captivated audiences and became a global phenomenon. Fans can collect even more of their favorite characters, each designed with a true-to-series sculpt and 21 points of articulation that make them a must-have for any collection.  

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $29.99

●        Availability: Spring 2022

  1. 4-inch Feature Figures 

Bandai brings Netflix’s Stranger Things to life with these detailed 4-inch feature figures, paying homage to the 80’s. Fans and collectors alike can bring home their favorite characters from this series that captivated audiences and became a global phenomenon. This exclusive Target offering includes a build-a-figure: Collect them all to assemble the Demogorgon!

●        Age: 8+

●        MSRP: $12.99

  • Availability: Spring 2022 Target Exclusive 


  1. Gundam Infinity Wave 2 

The Gundam Infinity collection takes iconic Mobile Suits from the Gundam Universe

and delivers a 4.5-inch, highly detailed figure with over 14 points of articulation and

battle-ready accessories. Each figure in the collection has interchangeable

Arms/Legs/Torso/Head that can be mixed and matched across all the figures for

endless customization that Gundam fans love. These new figures represent best in class translation of anime to action figures. 

  • Age: 15+
  • MSRP: $12.99
  • Availability: Spring 2022 

Studio Ghibli

  1. Totoro Dondoko Dance Statue Desk Clock “My Neighbor Totoro”, Benelic

  1. Standing nearly 4″ tall, this desk clock features an analog clock with a unique Totoro-themed face. Highly detailed desk clock features Big Totoro, Medium Totoro, and Small Totoro doing the Dondoko Dance to grow the plants!

    Age: N/A
    MSRP: $58.00
  2. Spirited Away A Gift from No Face Paper Theater Ball “Spirited Away”, Ensky Paper Theater

    Recreate your favorite Studio Ghibli scenes with Paper Theater, a fun 3D Paper Craft. Each Paper Theater Ball includes a 3.3″ (84mm) Display Orb and stand to protect and show off your creation! From Spirited Away, Chihiro (Sen) receives a gift from a new friend, No Face.

    Age: N/A
    MSRP: $24.00
  1. Kiki’s Memories of Koriko Paper Theater, Ensky Paper Theater

    From the hit Studio Ghibli Film Kiki’s Delivery Service. Clever artistic uses of paper are one of the many things characteristic of Japanese culture and this item is no exception. Create a multi-layered paper 3-D scene of Kiki flying with Jiji in their town of Koriko.

    Age: N/A
    MSRP: $17.00
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