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A Look Into The Dark World Of Thor

Before I start, I want to say thank you to anyone who watched my Man of Steel Review that I put up a week or so ago. It really means a lot to have people watch it.

Anyway, onto Thor: The Dark World review.

With such a moderate prequel in Thor and a let down in Iron Man 3, Thor 2 had some pretty big shoes to step into. After all, The Avengers had its audience fan-gasming all the way through its movie.

With that said, Thor: The Dark World was a large improvement from some of its predecessors. The plot was actually something different and a step up from what was delivered before. Here Thor was not only be a god with strength and speed. His mind is also a key component, along with his compassion and love he feels for Jane Foster.

It shows the character in areas he has not visited yet and shows how weak he can be. It can be improved and thus it verifies that even if he is a ‘god’, Thor is not perfect. In fact, he is so imperfect that he is just a nice small jump from being like Loki. That’s another point of this movie. Loki is predominantly featured, which makes it so much more than before. At least now, it made it clear how important he is to the Marvel cinematic universe.

Every character in this movie was given a nice bit of screen time, and it really showed as it all culminated to a nice middle and end where they each fulfilled a purpose that was more than just showing them off like in the first Thor movie. of course, I loved the portrayals given of each character because each actor played a role that was both good to watch and fulfilling to the actors’ talents.

The story did not feel too much like a comic or an independent film; this movie seemed to hold true to the Marvel cinematic universe. In a way that said, ‘hey, this is a movie, that is a movie, and it is going to pay homage to the comics without ripping them off entirely.”

With all of that said, I think Thor is an absolute thrill ride from beginning to end that offers something new and fresh for both Marvel and ThorWhat was done here was done so excellently. It’s something for any geek or nerd to want to watch.

For now, these are the thoughts of one on Thor: the Dark World. Hopefully, you stayed tuned as I will be doing a much more in depth movie review of this movie. For now, I want it said that while this movie is not something that will change your life, its good script and dialogue between characters, new look at Thor and excellent use of special effects (in moderation) makes this movie Marvel’s best movies this year.

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