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Avengers Mansion For Sale?


Randy Nelson over at has put together a fictional listing of what the Avengers Mansion would cost.

How he did it?  Unless you’re trying to value a hotel, there are just three main things you need to find in order to put a price on a price of fictional property.  These things are:

  • The property’s size
  • Its location
  • The price of similar properties

The Avengers Mansion made its first appearance in “Avengers” #2, published in November 1963 and started out its storied structural legacy as the Stark mansion.

In order to determine its size, Randy turned to the vast online world of comic book fans, some of whom had at one point scanned an entire (official) floor plan for the mansion and offered it up for dissection. This, along with wiki entries such as the one at the Marvel Database, provided me with a wealth of in-depth details about the property. Details such as the number (and type) of rooms it contained, and even many of its amenities.

The mansion’s layout includes:

• Nine Bedrooms • Office • Pathology Lab
• Nine Bathrooms • Prototype Display Room • Combat Sim Room
• Three-Car Garage • Radar Room • Game Room
• Butler’s Quarters • Aircraft Hangar • Operating Room
• Dining Hall • Assembly Room • Cryogenic Storage
• Den • Laboratory • Swimming Pool
• Conference Room • Robotics Manufacturing • Hot Tub
• Dining Hall • Generator Room • Sauna
• Library • Computer Banks • Running Track


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