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Batman Strikes Back!

Batman Strikes Back!

Batman Volume 2Now, if any recall in my review of Batman Vol. 1, I explained why it was good and how Batman was pushed beyond it’s limits and it told an even better story.

Here, in this comic, Batman: The City of Owls, which was also the arc of The Night of Owls, was a follow-up to The Court of Owls. It is a seamless transition that actually lends credence to its story. It’s actually something any comic book fan would be grateful to have.

Batman_Vol_2_9_ComboThis story actually seemed to have a different flow from it’s predecessor. And it is in a way both refreshing and enjoyable. While comic book stories always seem so cause and effect, this one seemed to flow like a murder mystery with Batman, ever the detective, tries to weed out the problems of Gotham.

[toggle title=”SPOILER” state=”close” ]Now this story follows the Court of Owl as they try to kill Batman and those he cares for, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, Catwoman, and Batwing. You know what? Be even remotely involved with Batman and they will bother you. They understand that any assistance to the Batman could lead to his victory and take him and his allies for the threats that they are, which is actually something I found amazing since so many of Batman’s villains underestimating him and his team.[/toggle]

Batman Volume 2 Issue 8I actually find the method of the fact that they bother so many to be foolish, seeing as this an enemy united can defeat its opposition easier if they are divided up. However, the fact that an enemy that can swarm the  Wayne Manor so they take out both Gotham’s ‘Man of Tomorrow’ and it’s Dark knight was a stroke of genius.

[toggle title=”SPOILER” state=”close” ]That’s right. They know who Batman is. Also, Alfred fights Talons, the assassins used by the Court of Owls,in a fisticuffs style and comes out on top…repeatedly. Just showing that Alfred is the most bad ass butler ever.[/toggle]

And you know what? Any comic that reinforces Alfred, being a badass, has to be packing the heat. But with everything going on and stories overlapping, this story really shows how much of Gotham really is under Batman’s watch. It shows his influence on hero, villain and citizen alike. Most of all, it shows how interwoven these connections really are.

Batman City of Owls

Some look at Bruce as a father, to others he is just a mentor, a leader, a friend, a beacon of hope to the hopeless. Batman is, at his heart of things, the fulcrum of Gotham. And by defeating him, they could destroy all of Gotham.

And to destroy him, it is clear Batman has only one weakness.

[toggle title=”SPOILER” state=”close” ]Family. They use someone that goes by the name Thomas Wayne Junior. The Court of Owls greatest strength is a Talon that is Thomas Wayne Jr, the brother of Bruce Wayne.[/toggle]

By exploiting that weakness, they can cripple him, and, in the end, it will kill him. But for Batman, it is clear he cannot simply just lose. This story is a culmination of the first two volumes. It gives Batman a sense of finality while leaving intrigue and wonder for the future.

It’s faults were few and far between, but where they were seemed a bit gaping. One was the fact that the story seemed to stretch out between so many comics, so by missing some issue of Catwoman, one would miss something they think might be crucial. Overall, though, it might not be as crucial. It was something that was found to be annoying and hurt its story.

However, this story was good and definitely worth keeping an eye on. It helps complete something set up from the Court of Owls volume. The City of Owls gives something that shows as much of Batman that can be seen while having a look at others as much as possible.

And after it’s previous volume, it was finally amazing to see Batman go on the offensive and hit the Owls where it hurt and put an end to them with such finesse and finality. After all, Star Wars’ Empire is not the only thing that can strike back.


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