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Batman vs Superman Done Right by Smallville

Batman vs Superman Done Right by Smallville

2846873.jpeg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueNow, not trying to take away from the greatness that is Doctor Who, but some of us have to look at other things too.

Time once more and again for a DC review. On that note, I think it’s time I actually tell people who read these what my plan is for both my comic and cinema reviews. Anything that is affiliated with DC or Marvel will be reviewed by me in both video form and written form when it comes to movies. Now, as for writing, I will be trying to cover anything DC that I think is either worth a read or gets put into my lap and makes an impression, whether good or bad. Marvel really is not my thing, but I will be more than happy to review them if something comes my way. So Marvel fans do not feel left out. You will have your day. Of that I can promise.

Anyway, onto Smallville.

It should be led with that anyone who read Justice League: Origin and felt let down by the fact that Superman and Batman’s battle was cut short, this is the comic for you. As the cover shows, this arc covers the introduction of Batman to the Smallville universe.

This comic holds no punches. Not only does it show what would really happen if Superman fought Batman without Kryptonite, it shows the birth of the friendship between the World’s Finest Superheroes.

And to those who would think there would be any kind of favoritism in favor of either hero, it should be said, it does not. Period. Superman is Superman in every aspect. He has all of the powers that make him both a god and the overpowered being that fans like to think he is. And Batman is, well, he is the GODDAMN BATMAN! Both are who they are in every possible way.

What really brings this incarnation of their meeting home is that it deals with them both in terms of their past present and future. It even makes Batman have to make the tough decision of sparing the person who killed his parents: Joe Chill. And Superman must try to show Batman, who is not the most stable person, that he may very well be the World’s Greatest Detective, but the one person Bruce does not know the best is himself.


By the time the two must team up it becomes as clear as Kryptonian crystal that Superman and Batman are not so different despite their hostile manner towards one another. They are opposite sides to the same coin. And the border that will always bind them together is Justice.

The back and forth of fists as well as banter made it an absolute pleasure for any comic book lover to read. And if someone is not a comic book lover, the beauty of Smallville is you do not have to be. It tries to set the heroes in a semi-real world, so it is a bit easier to pick up.

It is not the best comic written though. Some characters seemed to jumped to just so we will not forget them. Some scenarios seem a bit forced as well. And side plots take away from the focus of Superman and Batman. However, the beginning of relationships are planted. And something deeper seems to be going on in the background to the point where it seems Batman will be needed in the future.

With intrigue, battles for the body and soul, friendship, and truth, justice and the American Way, Smallville not only introduces Batman. They have him swoop in. And the audience is given everything to expect from Batman and Superman.


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