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Goyer Says DC/Warner Has No Master Plan

1280px-Justice_LeagueIGN recently spoke to David Goyer about DC/Warner’s plan for unfolding their cinematic comic universe…and the big surprise (to almost no one) is there is NO PLAN…at least not yet.

Man of Steel was supposed to be the first step in a larger plan to turn the DC brand into a full-fledged cinematic universe. Man of Steel was released in 2013, but was produced in 2012. So that means it’s already been a full two years since then and they still don’t have a mind towards the bigger picture? According to David Goyer.


I mean, it’s too early. I know that Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive. There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it’s really, really early. I’m not sure. It’s just been vague conversations so far…

That would mean that as of now, in April of 2014, with pre-production on Batman vs Superman in full swing, actors being signed, and a script that’s still being tweaked…WB’s DC plans are still only in their infancy.

Goyer then gave lots of credit to the competition over at Marvel. “You have to admire what Marvel’s done. It’s really hard to create a brand, I mean, where people will follow your brand. Pixar’s done it, and now Marvel has done it. It’s really, really hard to do, because there’s not a lot of brand loyalty anymore. They’ve created a cohesive universe, so I really admire what they’ve done,” he said. He also seemed to admire their bold approach to choosing projects- something WB/DC has been accused of playing too safe with- when he says, “I never thought I’d see the day when there’d be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie or an Ant-Man movie. I mean, that’s nuts — in an amazing way. I just never in my wildest dreams imagined that that would be happening.

He did make clear, though, that he doesn’t think anyone should be trying to emulate Marvel’s approach- where the studio reportedly has their slate planned out through 2028- and explained that DC is just trying to figure out the best way to tell their stories. “There’s just our approach to how we want to tell a story, and hopefully we can convince Warner Bros. or whatnot of that. We don’t sit in a room with cigars and say, ‘Look at what these guys are doing!’ It doesn’t work that way,” Goyer said.

Now it is possible that this is misdirection, but I just doesn’t seem likely.  I’m sorry as much as I love DC, they are supremely falling short.  Now while some people will say, “stop picking on DC like the geeky kid at school”.  The thing is, Warner has always come off as more of the “bully” to me in a way…they paraded around the numbers for their Batman franchise like that is what qualifies them as #1 …however Batman is NOT holder of the title “The Biggest Superhero Movie” anymore, The Avengers are.  They have systematically not held enough faith in their own properties to make movies true to the characters (Wonder Woman or Green Lantern anyone?)…and while the Nolan Batman movies were entertaining, they we in themselves large departures from what Batman is in the comics…where was the colorful rogues gallery?  Why must everything be “dark and realistic” …if I want dark and realistic I’ll watch the news.  PLEASE DC, have some faith in us and your characters and start making the movies we know you can make and that we deserve!


Source: IGN, Mario-Francisco Robles of latino-review.com

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