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Inhuman #1 Review

Inhuman #1 Cover

Infinity got me on to an Inhumans kick. With the release of the Mists upon the Earth, hundreds of thousands of people with Inhuman ancestry have begun the process of Terrigenesis and transforming into their birthright. So naturally, Marvel has decided to launch a new ongoing focusing on this development, written by Charles Soule and with art by Joe Madureira and Marte Gracia. This book has been the subject of some minor controversy, with original writer Matt Fraction leaving over creative differences and the conspiracy theory that Marvel is propping up the Inhumans because they can’t use Mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The former is unfortunate and the latter is irrelevant if it gives us a good story. So, how does Inhuman #1 fare?


Well, if you’ve never heard of the Inhumans before, this is a very good introduction to them as a concept through scenes with our antagonist, Lash. Lash is an Inhuman from one of the nomadic tribes that Hickman introduced in Infinity and is out collecting budding Inhumans, but not necessarily to save them from persecution. I have to say, I love Madureira’s design of Lash. The guy is outright intimidating in appearance and methodology.


But the central focus of this story is on Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans who has now beginning to step up as a leader. The Inhumanity one-shots really set up her character and the many roles she has played; the Queen, the Superhero, the Wife, the Mother. Charles Soule does a very good job of continuing that pattern as she begins to take a more active role in the protection of her people.


As I discussed before, I really did enjoy Madureira’s art and it is greatly helped by colorist Marte Gracia. The art sets a tone that is somewhere between superhero work and almost a fairy tale-like sense of wonder as changes flood the world. Also, body horror. Hooray for body horror! If there is one thing I can criticize about the art is that it can get a tad cheesecake-ey with Medusa. Again, nothing offensively bad it was just a little noticeable.


I know there will be people annoyed at this because they think Marvel is trying to side line the X-Men because of the MCU. You poor fans, you’ll just have to be content with All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men and so many others. Go into something with an open mind and you can find a good book and Inhuman #1 is a good book. It even has the potential to be a great book. Give it a shot.

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