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Is Affleck’s Batman Suit a Total Reinvention?

Jennifer Garner has spoken out about Ben Affleck’s costume in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie and apparently it is a “total reinvention.” Jennifer Garner attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday evening and went on about the suit stating that is “unbelievably cool” check out the video below.

Now, we’ve heard this before from Kevin Smith that the new Batsuit will be amazing and completely different.

Kevin Smith,

“I saw the costume, more than that I saw him [Ben Affleck] in the costume…I don’t want to give anything away cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this…I instantly bear hugged him. You have not seen this costume in film before. Because every other movie has done this matrixy black armor thing…There wasn’t a single nipple on this [frick]ing suit man. I think everyone is gonna be like ‘Holy Shit!’ We haven’t been down this path before. Even the Hardest core “[frick] this movie” person will be like ‘alright, I’m ready!’
dd_costume1Sound familiar, maybe because he said something similar before Daredevil came out,

When I did a costume fitting, they let me take a peek at the Daredevil costume and it is flat-out phenomenal! It’s as close as you can get to the comic book page without looking ridiculous. These guys know what they’re doing.”

Can’t say that I trust the man completely after that debacle, but then he isn’t the only one. Remember the first look at the new Catwoman costume that even some the most devoted Nolan-ites were yawn-inspired by? Anne Hathaway was quick to jump to her own defense and had this to say about the costume,

“I was not going to admit it: I asked someone to send me a few reactions [to the photo], and I happen to know that MTV’s reaction was ‘meh.’ ” Now, we’re not sure about the “meh” quote, but we will admit to using the phrases “cautiously optimistic,” “unflattering” and “underwhelming” in our analysis. Regardless, Hathaway said that no matter the first impressions, there is a lot more happening with that suit. “What I am happy to say is, if you didn’t like the photo, you only see about a 10th of what that suit can do,” she promised. “And if you did like the photo, you have excellent taste.”

“It’s disappointing. I think everyone feels a slight frustration with it because those stills so undercut the work that’s CATWOMAN 01being done, No, no one’s nervous about it. I mean, honestly, like, wait till you see this movie. Chris is doing insane things in it. And it’s gonna be marvelous and it’s gonna be way beyond what anyone imagines that it could be. You can’t imagine the things that he’s doing, at least I couldn’t until I read the script and I was like, ‘You’re really? Okay, you’re going there!’ And it’s Chris Nolan; even the picture that he released of me, that’s not everything. That’s like a tenth of what the catsuit is. And I’ve got to say, I find it frustrating and I know he finds it frustrating, but I also think that he’s having fun with it, kind of like spooning out secrets. He has a lot more control than you think.”

“…a tenth of what the catsuit is”?  Really?  Those first images were EXACTLY what the costume was, and honestly I’ve seen better Catwoman cosplay at conventions.


To clarify, I don’t really have any problem with Affleck as Batman. Do I think he is the best choice? No, I do not. I will however reserve my judgement on the Batsuit until we actually see the damn thing. Hyperbole from celebrities about how great they look, or their husband, wife, boyfriend, daughter looks means nothing.

source: MTV, IGN,, sleeplessthought, Spetnaz

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