Home Comics Is Gal Gadot Right for Wonder Woman?

Is Gal Gadot Right for Wonder Woman?

Is Gal Gadot Right for Wonder Woman?


As you may have heard by now Gal Gadot (Fast and the Furious) has been cast as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in the new Batman vs. Superman movie by Zack Snyder. The internet was not silent for long. I’ve seen posts about her “lack of boobs” and “skinny arms” all day. Quite the surprise from the body shaming we are used to hearing all the time…and that is what is sad. Why is it that we are accustomed to hearing people talk about how overweight or out of shape someone is when it comes to costuming or acting? The door of acceptance swings both ways. By the same standard, it is unfair for someone to say a person is too heavy to wear say Spiderman, it is not fair for anyone to criticize another person for having small breasts who cosplays Powergirl. Sure, we picture Spiderman with a lithe physique the same we way associate Powergirl with her hourglass figure…but that isn’t EVERYTHING about those characters. Who says I have to LOOK like Spiderman to LOVE the character?…and if I love the character and want to dress up like them then that is my prerogative!


Actors go through physical and emotional transformations to embody their characters all the time, I don’t need to remind everyone of the extremes Christian Bale has gone through for some of his roles. Don’t sell Gal short, she might have already begun the work to transform herself emotionally and physically into what most of us see as Wonder Woman. With how many different ways Wonder Woman has been portrayed (left side), we all probably have different images of how she is ‘supposed’ to look. However I’m much more concerned with how she ACTS than I am with how big her arms are. Give the girl a chance, the same chance you would want if you were trying something new, something you loved doing.


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