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Justice League: Trinity War- The Comic War we needed


Stories love crossovers, they just do. Comics are no exception. It does not hurt when they get to crossover titles that already belong to them. So bringing all the Justice League titles together makes sense from a fan standpoint as well as financial. There is no loss here.

However, in order to do this properly, they need to make each team different yet memorable. Doing it any other way just hurts the story. That means the foundation for Justice League: Trinity War would need to be laid for the story to actually have a chance at being a good story. With Justice League and Justice League Dark, it was clear that DC Comics did all the ground work.

Both titles laid a continuity since the beginning of the New 52 universe. However, Justice League of America was made from the very pages of Justice League. Now, that does not necessarily make it good. I mean, some spin offs do not continue get the fans involved. After all, just look at Agents of SHIELD Justice League of America did its best to stand on its own feet to be set up.

The first arc actually addresses how people would not trust an organization that consist of gods among men. That includes Batman because, well, he is the GODDAMN BATMAN! So the government makes their own Justice League to exist as a team in its own right, but it’s goal first and foremost is to be able to combat the original Justice League.

That segways into the actual point of this article. You can’t just have one Justice League fight another. If DC was going to do a fight within one continuity, they were going to go all out. And they did.

The teams, each in their own right, are in fact actual Justice Leagues. They do want to defend people who are powerless. They each just go about it in different ways. Some seedier than others, but their end goals are noteworthy.

So to have them team up (or have them fight one another) DC would have to give proper motivation. It can be said that they did. In this three series comic arc encompasses a lot. They challenge the ideas of older superheroes like Batman and Superman while giving new heroes different appeal. Stargirl for instance is basically a high school cheerleader for the government.

Elements of the Batman comics could be felt in this, in the way that tried to make it all look like one big conspiracy. DC even took the time in bringing back an old time favorite of this reviewer, the Question, who brings some comic relief in his belief that all things are a conspiracy. And just like in the animated series, he proves to be right. With his track record being really good when it comes to global catastrophes, the League should totally let him work for Batman.

Anyway, this epic spins the tale of a powerful organization (the Justice League) in a world that breaks into factions and must battle for a single goal. In this case, it would be Pandora’s Box. However, the three Justice League organizations battle back and forth and try to solve mysteries: both old and new.

Like any good crossover, they feature every character well, letting their strengths and ideals shine and tested beyond anything that has been done in recent years. It’s great that they took the time to do this for even lesser known characters such as Stargirl and Constantine. The story proceeds reaches a climax with an ending no one, and I mean NO ONE, saw coming.

When the graphic novel hits the shelves, make sure to get yourself a copy of Justice League: Trinity War.


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