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Justice League’s Animated War

Justice League’s Animated War

Justice_League-WarJustice League War, which was  came out February 4th, is the animated adaptation of DC Comics‘ bestseller, Justice League: Origin.

The problem with these adaptations is they can be mishandled, not so well done or not so entertaining. However, DC has a really good track record with making their comics into animated movies. Justice League War was no exception. They made a good adaptation with what they wanted.

The premise is essentially what it was in Justice League War. Batman find an alien box, gets confronted by Green Lantern and they go chasing after Superman, which basically means this was some sick DM’s way of making a D&D party. This team up is meant to show the start and new edges of certain heroes.

War was something that respected where it came from all while giving its own take on things. The heroes get together, have good dialogue together and show a somewhat real world scenario if they were overtaken. One thing I could not help shouting while watching the movie was, “WHY DIDN’T THE AVENGERS DO THIS?!”

It’s a problem I have really.

Batman:SupermanAnyway, the character were more simplified in this animation. Batman was dark, smart and believes in the greater good all while being the World’s Greatest Detective. Superman simply wants to help people in all forms of life. Green Lantern likes attention and puts down Batman for not having powers. Flash is a cop, plain and simple. Cyborg is a teenager who finds himself in extraordinary situation. And Wonder Woman is clearly a war goddess personified.

If this story was ever made life action, nerd-gasms would be had by all. I am just saying…I am just…sayin’….

DarkseidEven Darkseid was so well done. The incomparable Steve Blum, who I have had the chance to meet, shows that he has a voice that is larger than life. Hearing Darkseid say, “I am entropy. I am death. I am Darkeid” just sends shivers down one’s spine. It’s just oto spectacular.Justice League War Darkseid Steve Blum

The only true weakness to this movie was that Shazam was in this movie. He felt out of place. He was randomly in it. He turns into Shazam from Billy after being a dick without any explanation there. It might have been better if it was Aquaman. In fact, it is my belief that having Aquaman would have made the movie just perfect in almost every sense of the word.

But if you have two dollars, get your butt to redbox and watch Justice League War. You will not b disappointed.


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