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“Magneto” #1 Review

“Magneto” #1 Review

Magneto has something of a convoluted history. Sometimes an enemy of the X-Men, sometimes an ally, sometimes dead or back from the dead disguised as another mutant, and sometimes just trying to find a place where mutants can live alone, but always doing what he thcomics-marvel-magneto-1_1inks is best for the mutant race.

Most recently, he was a member of Cyclops’ X-Men team, leading up to and following the events of “Avengers vs X-Men.” But as of recent events, he has left the team to once more go off on his own, exacting justice as he sees fit.


“Magneto” #1, written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta, takes Magneto off the leash of the X-Men and lets him cut loose on his own stylportrait_incrediblee of mutant justice. He has never been shy on exacting revenge in blood, and the first few pages make that very clear. Magneto himself is under no delusions about what he is doing; he knows he has his own sins to answer for, but first he wants to make sure those who have worked to harm mutants answer for theirs.

The comic is mostly from Magneto’s point of view, with his thoughts narrating the scenes without dialogue so that the readers can catch up on what he’s been up to. When he readies himself to use his powers, we get a quick glance at all the metal objects in the surroundings, helping us see the world as he does.

Despite the buildup, though, the payoff in this issue seems somewhat rushed. It does, however, set the scene for following issues, so there is much more excitement and action to come. We can finally see Magneto cut loose, and let the master of magnetism do what he was made to do.


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