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Rumor: Marvel’s Phase 4 Lead by the New Avengers?

Rumor: Marvel’s Phase 4 Lead by the New Avengers?


OK, let’s cut right to the chase, Unleash The Fanboy is posting the rumor that Marvel Studios Phase 4 will be spearheaded by The New Avengers. Here is the quote from their source,

“It’s so incredibly early in the process, but unless Robert [Downey Jr.] makes an insane deal with these guys, they’re going with New Avengers.”

Now it seems to be that the main concept here is that Marvel is planning a new team to be called the Avengers and that team will NOT include Iron Man/Tony Stark. The source went on to say,

“Well, you’ve heard the recent casting announcements. They’ve got a ton of great guys. Paul Rudd. Michael Douglas. Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Whoever they choose for Doctor Strange and the other new guys in Phase 3. They’ve got a lot of great guys to lead the new phase of the team. But that’s all I say.  It’s really early.”

UTFB has a pretty good proven track record on exclusive rumors (which they so graciously outline in their article)


So it seems to lead towards a similar path taken with the original Avengers movie, introduce the team in lead up solo films and combine them into one huge-mega-awesome-spectacular-blockbluster-super-movie. Now just because RDJ doesn’t stay on board, doesn’t mean we will lose Chris Evans/Captain America, Chris Hemsworth/Thor or any of the rest of the team. These folks haven’t been going at this as long as Robert Downey Jr. has. In the original comic series, the team was shook up multiple times, losing Hulk with issue #2, gaining Cap with issue #4 and a complete team shake up (except for Cap who stayed on as leader) with issue #16…all of that was within the first two years of the book!


Now if all goes according to the formula laid out by Marvel previously, we could expect to see a New Avengers team headed by the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange! This new team could include Antman (and maybe Wasp),  Black Panther (who is strongly rumored to be part of Phase 4), and characters from any number of other properties Marvel brings out in Phase 4.  It could even be possible that some of the characters earmarked for the Marvel Knights series on Netflix could have their hand in the team, namely the recently reacquired Daredevil and maybe even Powerman & Iron Fist who are all characters in the most recent New Avengers book. This gives Marvel a way of segue-waying out Iron Man gracefully and giving them a whole new crop of heroes to franchise.

As much as I’d love to watch Avengers movies with the original team assembled forever, that is just not a reality in Hollywood. Things must change, evolve, or come to an end (to be rebooted again and again a few years down the road). I’m excited to see what comes of this and look forward to what Marvel has in store for us for Phase 4!

source: unleashethefanboy.com


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