Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Marvel Is Launching a “Rocket Raccoon” Ongoing

Rocket Raccoon

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Oh, I guess I should talk about what this is, huh?


Well, in order to pre-emptivaly capitalize on the August release of Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel is launching a Rocket Raccoon ongoing following the exploits of who is probably the most popular member of the group. The great kicker? It’s going to be written and drawn by the phenomenal Skottie Young (Wizard of Oz, All those Marvel Babies Variants that make your heart go “d’awwww”).


In an interview, Young discussed that while he is going for an almost Looney Toons aesthetic, he is also keeping in mind the kind of tone for the upcoming film and the Guardians of the Galaxy comic so it will not be completely an all-ages kind of book. “If you have a character that carries a big gun, a ridiculously, cartoonishly big gun you’ve got to be willing to shoot it,” says Young.


I personally cannot wait for it.

Rocket Raccoon #1 will debut in July.

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