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Marvel to take Star Wars Comics from Dark Horse

Marvel to take Star Wars Comics from Dark Horse

For nearly 13 years, Dark Horse Comics has been publishing the Star Wars comics, providing the expanded universe with its own artwork and stories. However, it will be soon passing the torch on to Marvel.

This isn’t too surprising, and makes more than enough sense. After all, both Marvel Comics and Star Wars are now owned by the Disney brand, so of course it would want to keep its new properties within the family. If anything, it’s surprising the Dark Horse has as much time with Star Wars left as it does, keeping the license until 2015.

Marvel has touched on Star Wars in the past, with a series that ran from 1977-86. But readers may be more familiar with Dark Horse’s run, which began with “Dark Empire” in 1991 and has continued on to this day.
Dark Empire

What that means for continuity is unclear, but does not look good. It seems likely that the Marvel Star Wars comics will not be continuing where Dark Horse leaves off, instead starting its own new stories that may ignore the continuity of the DH run. The artists and writers are unlikely to change ships with the title, so the distinctive look of the Star Wars comics may soon change to the style Marvel is known for.

On the plus side, Dark Horse has the rest of the year to wrap up all ongoing stories. That may not be enough time to cover some major ongoing arcs, and may result in a rushed conclusion or two, but with any luck, it will provide them with enough time to end things in a way that is satisfying and gives Marvel a good jumping-on point. Considering the contract was going to end in 2013, the extra year may prove enough to bring the stories to a close.

Hopefully this will also provide enough time for Dark Horse to finish “The Star Wars,” a comic adaptation of George Lucas’ original first draft of the script that would eventually become “A New Hope.”

And maybe, if the stars align just right, this will lead to a crossover that is awesome without being too illogically silly to work. Guardians of the Galaxy being chased by Mandalorian bounty hunters, Han Solo and Wolverine working together, or maybe Captain America and Luke Skywalker working together to fight Doctor Doom and Emperor Palpatine – the possibilities are endless, albeit non-canonical.

Now it’s that time where I ask for opinions from those who aren’t me. Do you think Marvel will do a good job with Star Wars, or should it remain with Dark Horse? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook, as we’d like to hear what you have to say.


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