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“New Warriors” #1 Review

“New Warriors” #1 Review

Out of everything that changed in Marvel Comics during “Civil War,” perhaps one of the longest-lasting changes was the lack of a “New Warriors” team. The Avengers teams returned to normal, Spider-Man got his secret identity back, and the lingering taste of the Super Hero Registration Act have been gone for quite some time, but it wasn’t until now that the New Warriors could hope to make a comeback.


This new run on “New Warriors” is written by Christopher Yost, with art by Marcus To, color art by David Curiel, and lettering by VC’s Joe Caramagna. It’s the revival of the old team with new members in addition to some classics. Old favorite Speedball is at the center, and the one mostly responsible for pulling the team back together. Don’t worry, his days as Penance are long behind him, and he actually looks younger than he did a few years ago. (Blame comic book time.)

As this is still in the new team’s origin issue, there isn’t exactly a New Warriors team yet. There kind of is, but it’s an unofficial thing consisting of Speedball, Justice, and Sam Alexander, the new Nova. The formation of this trio was covered in Nova’s solo run, which I highly recommend. He’s a young, inexperienced Nova having to deal with school, bullies, and his family while going out and fighting aliens and villains, which makes for a fun comic with a lot of heart.

But I’m not here to review Nova, I’m here to review the New Warriors, so let’s get back to that.


The first issue focuses on the individual will-be members before they become a team, with each of them being targeted by a threat that will pull them together. Robotic creatures are targeting anything they deem “genetically impure,” which tends to include Mutants, half-demons, clones, alien hybrids, and generally anything that tends to be super-hero material in the Marvel universe.

So while we wait for this common threat to unite this unlikely band of heroes, we get a look at the individuals who will compose the team. This is helpful for people jumping on to the comic, as there are characters both familiar and relatively unknown, but the snippets provide a good look at their unique personalities and powers.


As many of these are well-established characters, people unfamiliar with them from earlier works may be a little lost. For example, the current Scarlet Spider is Kaine, clone and one-time enemy of Spider-Man, who has had his own solo series recently. Those who haven’t read it may not be sure how he got to his current state, or why he’s vacationing in Mexico with Hummingbird, so it will take a little research for those interested in catching up on his history and others’.


Even understanding why Justice and Speedball are re-forming the team, and how they convinced Nova to join them, might take a quick look through some previous issues of Nova. But again, if you’re not reading that one yet, you should.

As for the comic itself, the writing is quite nice. The dialogue flows nicely, and each character has a clear voice and personality that comes through with their lines. The individual characters have their stories connected well enough, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all come together as a team. The art is very clear, with nice panel composition and character designs, with a nice use of colors to liven things up.


In short, “New Warriors” is off to a good start. Both the creative team and the team in the comic know they have a lot of work to do to clear the name, but so far I’m right behind them. We’ll see how things go in upcoming issues when we get to see what the team can really do.


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