Monday, November 28, 2022

“Sandman” to Get a Movie Adaptation?

Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” has been considered a masterpiece among graphic novels, with artwork and writing that any would envy, but perhaps because of that, it has never been touched for a movie adaptation. That is, up until now, as Joseph Gordon-Levitt has announced that he is working with Warner Bros, David Goyer, and apparently even Neil Gaiman himself to bring Sandman to the big screen.



While the film was pitched to the studios by Goyer, it seems that he will not be the one to pen the script. There’s no official word on who, but fans are hoping that it will be Gaiman who takes up the task. There has been no word from Neil, though, so we can only hope.


Initially there were rumors that Gordon-Levitt would be directing the movie and starring as Morpheus, but that is still unconfirmed. JGL later tweeted, “Just to clarify, folks. I’ve signed on as a producer on Sandman. The rest remains to be seen.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Following the announcement, there have been mixed reactions from fans all over the internet. Some are concerned that WB’s track record with comic book adaptations is poor, and they don’t trust the studio to properly turn Sandman into a halfway decent movie. There are also those, though, who trust Gordon-Levitt to do the comic justice, and think that Gaiman’s participation will ensure it remains true to his original vision.


Personally, I fall into the “wait and see” camp. While it is true that comic book adaptations tend to be hit-and-miss, there’s no point to judging a movie before we even see a script, costume, or still frame. If those involved know and love the comic, I’ll trust them to do well with it. If the studio keeps trying to interfere and alter things to meet what they think the lowest common denominator audience wants to see, then the movie is in trouble. Until then, fingers are crossed for a good adaptation.


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