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Smallville Argo: A Look into the Future

Argo 5What would you  do if your every action and culmination of all of your actions decided the fate of the entire universe?How would you feel knowing your life had already played out and that yo inspire so many people to do good? Could you fathom that your life had already played out but you still must live it and make the right choices?

Season eight of Smallville for all of it’s failings, of which there were many (and I mean  many) it gave the idea of a much more expanded idea of Superman, explaining, like in the comics prior that just because Superman might one day day, his ideals will live on.

Now let’s look at the flip side. What if your future was far more bleak? What if you would never be remembered or saw as anything important? Is life still worth living? Should one still try?

Smallville has its strengths and weaknesses. Its greatest conceivable weakness is its focus on Superman being the apex of the entire universe instead of showing how shared it is. It’s upside is how it shows what the entire world is doing and expanding it’s universe with a standard issue and a quarterly that combine stories while pulling away from Superman.

Here, in Argo, it shows how the world will be changed by an alien who can show the entire world that it is okay to be different, to be special. Argo’s universal message shows that no matter how different, it is the same that brings us together. The ideals that all people are equal while instilling that our differences can still very much be a strength.

Argo 4Take a character like Booster Gold, the greatest superhero you have never heard of…UNTIL NOW!, combine him the James Marsters’ BrainIAC 5, and you can see that very person, even if history does not remember them is important. Booster, who has always wanted the world to revolve around him, finds that no one remembers him except for his greatest mistake. This arc gave him the choice to see the virtue of making the truest of right choices. To do the right thing even when the whole world might not remember you for it.

Some of the story may feel Marvel-esque at times, making Booster comparable to Tony Stark, but it is okay because it is done the right way.

But at it’s core, the story telling here really works because it takes a feel elements from the Legion of Super-heroes comics and animated shows (cancelled after two season, much like Young Justice). Take Superman when he is young in his career and show him the world he will help make.

Smallville - Argo 2Take all of these elements and throw in an intergalactic war with a unstoppable Kryptonian weapon to battle with Superman and an army of Supermen and it gives a feeling that just shows the power of a race of Supermen.Smallville - Argo 3

Argo shows things that people would forget. Prejudice will always exist in the world no matter how perfect or technologically advanced we get. People always worry about themselves, they doubt themselves because of how they could fail. They worry because those past mistakes could happen in the future, and they would trip up and nothing will ever be the same.

I wanted you to see that your darkness lies not only dwelling in your past, but in fearing the future. You don’t need to worry about the future, Kal-El. You can see that it’s just fine as long as you shed the weight of the past. A hero is made in the moment, not from questioning the past or fearing what’s to come. Just remember that, Kal-El.

-BrainIAC 5 Smallville: Homecoming

And it returns to basics for Smallville. Every person makes a difference. It is not Clark’s tremendous powers that make him a hero, but his choices. He chooses the man he will be, not the future, not his powers, but him. He decides the man he will be. And he was able to change the world. But more than that, it shows how everyone has that choice, not just Superman because there was an entire planet of Supermen, and they chose to let hate and society decide who they were meant to be instead of choosing.

Argo for all of its ups and downs was very different than what Smallville has done in the past. But that does not make it bad. It just makes it different. Some of the low points were hard to read, but it’s high points were able to jump tall buildings in a single bound.


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