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Smallville Olympus brings Heaven to Earth

Smallville Olympus brings Heaven to Earth

Smallville SupermanLet it be said, when Smallville made it said that Smallville was going to be releasing a Wonder Woman and Superman version of Smallville, I was over the moon. But sometimes, somethings do not work as well as they do in concept. Smallville writers, directors, and producers had been trying to get Wonder Woman on the shows since the ninth season and they failed to deliver much like they did Batman. So in Smallville Olympus, they had they chance to deliver.

Smallville Wonder WomanIn it, they gave Diana Prince a new look and new origin story between Steve Trevor in the story line. From DCAU where Steve was a WWII fighter pilot that Diana fights with during WWII after time travel. In the usual lore, Steve is marooned on Themiscyra. His presence led to being the liaison to the ambassador between the two nations: Wonder Woman. In both cases, he always held an attraction to her and vice verse. In the New 52, Superman and Wonder Woman are the power couple to beat.

Well, Smallville took a more original approach, which is more than appreciated. Steven was marooned there when he was a child and therefore he met Diana when she was child.

Her introduction was sprinkled well throughout the comic. And since it was a crossover, it focuses on her more than she does on Superman. Thankfully, it played well.

Smalville OlmpusOlympus was an apt title for multiple reasons. But the best one is to show how high Clark has reached, especially compared to the farm boy who could not even get close to Lana, which was just as caused by Kryptonite as it was awkwardness.

But the story was rocky on its own. It did not lean on the past, which is nice for a change of pace for them; however, if the elements need to look back, the story should do so. At times, the story felt like it went out its way to ignore the past.

Moving forward, the story felt like a nice blend of the old animated Justice League series along with the comics all thrown into the Smallville universe. And that blend was nice. The relationships were very strong as Diana was introduced. And old relations were reinforced while laying down good groundwork for Diana to join ‘the team’.

Smallville HadesThe comic was far from perfect. But it was a good addition to the Smallville continuity. Moving forward, the artwork was nice for everyone but Superman. He felt more cartoonish in a bad way. But every other character was as powerful as their characters were meant to be.

The villain was perfectly picked. Hades being a villain who is as devious and powerful to both of them. Wonderfully chosen and worked, it reinforces what gods are now in the comic book universe.

In conclusion, Olympus shows what happens when you sit on a plateau long enough. The story felt stale in places and impressed in others. Overall, it was strong, but that is to be expected from what was delivered in the past. But as the story went, it was alright. It was personal like it was with Smallville: Detective. Although, that might have been the only thing it had in common with them. Superman and Wonder Woman did not have the chemistry like Batman and Superman. Wonder Woman’s chemistry was with Steve Rogers and Lois Lane, which works, but it hinders the dynamic of the heroes. However, it gives new elements to try and work with.

Smallville I YieldOlympus is something to look out for if you have the time. And if you like when there is a final confrontation between the villain, this certainly the way to go, especially with how Clark deals with it. It shows Superman is not just a Big Blue Boy Scout. Wonder Woman is a warrior in whole and it was nice to see more divergence from the New 52. So, in the end, it is not bad, but it is not amazing. If you love Wonder Woman, it’s a must read. Otherwise, check it out because it’s something new and as original as comics can get.

It gives a nice look at these two heroes, but compared to what was given before, it just feels like more of the same. Smallville did not disappoint; they just failed to woo when they have the spectacular storytelling.



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