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Smallville Titans Knocks It Out

Smallville Titans Knocks It Out

It comes  back to Smallville to provide something worth reading. They had a few one shots,some featuring Batman,Martian Manhunter. One  even revisited Lana, who was a guardian angel in Africa. However, since I have limited time, I chose Titans because  while it not only feels like the show and accomplishing a lot in such a short time, but it wraps up multiple plot lines, both from the comics and from the show.

Smallville Titan Wonder TwinsThe Wonder Twins from Season 9 come back and are put on a proper team and, for once, they can be taken seriously  without their cartoon monkey by them. The angst of being a teenager and wanting to live up to ‘the Blur’, now christened Superman makes their character ore human and less of a joke.

Smallville Titans Blue BeetleBlue Beetle from Season 10 of Smallville returns in a way that was not disappointing. The episode  with him and Booster Gold left much to be desired when it came to costume design and character depth. Luckily, both were fixed in this special issue. His interaction with the others was well rounded and gave him more time to introduce himself as one of the more human members of the team, who kind of feels overwhelmed by spending him time with demigods.

And that has not been done anyone in Smallville as of late. The old human members of the League just accept  Clark and Martian Manhunter for what they are. And with Batman’s introduction, they do not make the powers of Superman to be much even though Batman admits in Detective that Superman could have  thrown him into orbit.

The other member Speedy, who was once a prostitute, kind of seemed out of place. Her character did not seem to quite belong, but being someone who feels like they do not belong, or even have a home, is not such a bad thing in Smallville. After all, Clark  had those feelings for like  three seasons. Her personal alienation works as the team tries to come together and try to be like the heroes they admire so much

Smallville Titans Martian Girl and Teen TitansAnd fresh from Effigy, Martian Girl,  who accidentally killed people and  scared some small children  and having battled Batman and Martian Manhunter, does not feel she is worthy while trying to see what makes everyone who they are while dealing with the parentage of being a white Martian.

As so many DC fans know, making mistakes and having a bad parentage is something  someone else can relate to. And that person in

Smallville Titans Superboy

Sorry for the enthusiasm, but I had been waiting for the return of Superboy since the terribly drawn out arc  in Season 10. After so much effort of building the character, I was annoyed to see him be dropped like a bag of hot  potatoes and be forgotten.  But his triumphant return says a lot. More than just because the Teen Titans will have a young powerhouse but because the idea of good and evil in one person and letting the sins of the father overwhelm you can be explored. It’s simple side and complexity of how they show this is just baffling an can blow you away.

Also, as a side note, if you ever take the time to read titans, it confirms that every Kryptonian can fly  easier than Clark can

Well the plot itself shows the flaws of the Titans ad how they are not the League that has taken years to form and make work on show. This team makes mistakes, accidentally allows for casualties, ad does not contain a situation. Everything about them says they are a mess, but as Lana pointed out in Season four, that’s  how the best ones start out.

Smallville Teen Titans

Each has big  shoes to fill. And as it goes through, each mirrors their  mentor in a small way while cutting out their own niche in the Smallville universe. And it makes me so grateful for this universe for building a team this way. It was a bit conventional, but the results are undeniable. Each character  has excellent start and it makes me crave me more.

The only fault I really have with this issue is the lack of Robin, or a protege to be representative  for Batman. But that is a small complaint when it is compared to the growth shared by these young people  not only with one another, with their mentor: Jay Garrick, and in response to their threat.

Smallville Titans Dinosaur

It gave all of the best elements of Young Justice the cartoon with elements of Smallville while weaving their own story.With surprises, further growth and development, and a few plot twists that no one saw coming nor need explanation, this story is definitely worth the read.


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