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Superman: Lois Lane #1 Review

Superman: Lois Lane #1 Review

Lois Lane #1 Cover

There have been several series that a lot of people, including myself, have been longing for from DC Comics such as Shazam, Red Robin, or a Teen Titans book that doesn’t make me want to vomit. One such title that has been on many a wish-list is a Lois Lane ongoing. She is one of the most iconic female characters in mainstream superhero media (more so than Wonder Woman for me, but that is a debate for another day). The fact that she does not have an ongoing is criminal. Could this one-shot story give the wakeup call that is so needed? I certainly hope so.


The comic is written by up-and-comer Marguerite Bennett. I very much enjoyed the eerie story she crafted in Batman Annual #2, although I am glad to see that the tone in this issue is different. Lois is contacted by her younger sister, Lucy, after being attacked in her apartment, resulting in the kidnapping of Lucy’s roommate. This begins Lois’ investigation into some of the seedier parts of the Metropolis underworld, involving drugs, unknown thugs, and something much more bizarre.


This is Lois Lane at her best; reporter, seeker of truth, and all around good person. I have often held the belief that while Superman inspires the world, Lois Lane inspires Superman. This is the Lois that I believe does that. She hates injustice, hates seeing people hurt, and will do everything in her ability to make sure bad people get what is coming to them. This character study of an issue not only explores the Lois of the here and now, but also the Lois of the past as an army brat moving from base to base with her family.


As for the art, we had a plethora of pencils and inkers for this oversized issue (38 story pages total). On pencils we had Emanuela Lupacchino, Meghan Hetrick, Ig Guarra, and Diogenes Nives; with inks by Guillermo Ortego, Hetrick, Ruy Jose, and Marc Deering. All of this together with the colorist Hi-Fi. I will say not one of these artists ever drags their feet and I enjoy each of their styles. While it does benefit to have one colorist for the entire project, there were subtle differences in the art that I noticed. This is a very minor gripe, but one that I feel needs to be discussed.


I was glad that the plot points from the Superman title were extremely minimal. The solicit suggested they would be important, but I was glad that was not the case. This being an annual-sized story at 38 pages does help justify its $4.99 price tag. Solicits originally had this issue at 32 pages (meaning about 20 story pages) and I am glad that was not the case. I do understand if that massive price tag was something holding you back from purchasing this, but I highly recommend you at least flip through it at your local comic shop. I sincerely hope you take the risk. It’s worth it.


Final Rating: 4/5 Stars


I really like to hope that this is a pilot for a Lois Lane ongoing in the future. It has been forever since DC’s New 52 have actually been at 52 ongoings and hoping their recent kick with weekly series is not their way of clogging the line. Lois Lane deserves ongoing adventures outside the shadow of Big Blue and we have a great creative team in Bennett and Lupacchino that can push the character forward.


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