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Weekly Comic Pull List with Balrok: Jan. 8th 2014

wd 119Hey everybody, it’s old pal Balrok! Now if you’re anything like me, you CAN NOT wait to get the new books!!! Now that Heroes & Villains’ Comics is the official Comic Shop of CKMT, I’m going to swing by and tell you what I can’t wait to read this week!!

WALKING DEAD #119 – COME ON!!!! All out war should mean all out war!! So let’s get going full speed already! I appreciate the twice a month shipping schedule and all but it only makes the deliberate pace seem more maddening!! So hopefully we can get to the other side of the mountain and get high speed traction!!

avengers wordl 1

AVENGERS WORLD #1 – So I found the first year of Hickman driving the Avengers to be a wonderful ride, I really dug Infinity, and am super excited to see what he has planned for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! And that starts here in the new World title. No real idea what to expect or where it’s going but I trust in Hickman!!



fataleFATALE #19 – Heading into the home stretch of what has been another amazing head spinning Brubaker lead journey through the world of noir! The Femme Fatale, a noir staple, is re-imagined as a power, sometimes controlled sometimes not but either way leaving a path of destruction and mindless male followers in her path. Now the time has come to pay the cost. Well worth catching up in trades and adding to the Brubaker collection everyone should have!


CATACLYSM: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #3 & CATACLYSM: ULTIMATES LAST STAND #3 – Around the corner and hitting the home stretch, Go Galactus! Go! Eat that world! Eat that stupid world that created Ultimatum! and Ultimates 3!! EAT IT!!!! Just keep Miles alive!!

s r 9SUICIDE RISK #9 – You started as something really interesting, something different. Then you took a weird left turn and now, while still different I don’t know how much longer I am in for. SO?! What are you reading?

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