Home Comics Weekly Comic Pull List with Balrok: January 15th 2014

Weekly Comic Pull List with Balrok: January 15th 2014

Weekly Comic Pull List with Balrok: January 15th 2014

Hey everybody it’s your old pal Balrok! Now if you’re anything like me you CAN NOT wait to get the new books!!! Now that Heroes & Villains’ Comics is the official Comic Shop of CKMT, I’m going to swing by and tell ya what I can’t wait to read this week!!

TEN GRANgod 5D – TPB 1 – Usually I stick to single weekly issues but I really really recommend picking up this trade. This is an amazing book that anyone who loves comics should be reading…and selfishly I want great numbers so this book doesn’t go away! A hit man’s last hit throws him into the world of demons and spirits and costs his girls life. Now he works the good guys (maybe) and every time he dies a righteous death he gets to see her for five minutes. Fast paced, hard boiled writing with some truly jaw dropping art, this is a don’t miss!velvet 3

GOD IS DEAD #5 – HICKMAN!!!!! So all the gods have returned to earth to claim their kingdoms, and shockingly the truce between them has broken down and now the gods are at war! Ever wonder who would win in a battle between all of the world’s gods? Here’s your chance to find out. Also the scientists continue to build their own god from parts to fight back! It’s awesome!daredevil 35

VELVET #3 – Ed Brubaker’s unspooling tale of espionage continues as Velvet is on the run, framed, trying to find the truth…so far the usual tale of spy gone rogue. The art is gorgeous and the story feels like it has more layers we’ll be seeing, I trust Brubaker so I am totally onboard.

CATACLYSM: ULTIMATES #3 – The end of this series and just a couple more in the main series and this chapter of the Ultimate universe ends. I’m still rooting for Galactus!ff 16

DAREDEVIL #35 – I admit the idea of a lighter toned, more carefree DD was a bit of a tough sell. Raised on the Miller Daredevil run and brought back to comics by the Bendis run, I have to admit this book really grew on me and now another reboot/renumber so I sadly say goodbye to a surprisingly fun run!

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #25 – Dammit!!! Dammit!!! Peter Parker is coming back in a few months. But, but I am so loving Spider-Ock! So so so much!! Could there be any chance that he stays? Can there be both? Please! Please!!!

also: PROTECTORS, INC #3, FANTASTIC FOUR #16, SECRET AVENGERS #14, THOR #17 SO?! What are you reading?

protectors 3 thor 17sa 14


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