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Weekly Comic Pull List with Balrok!

Weekly Comic Pull List with Balrok!

balrokWe have a special guest sharing their comic pull list with you this week, Balrok from the Creepy KOFY Movie Time Show!  Courtesy of Heroes & Villains Comics

Hey everybody it’s old pal Balrok! Now if you’re anything like me you CAN NOT wait to get the new books!!!Now that Heroes & Villains’ Comics is the official Comic Shop of CKMT I’m going to swing by and tell ya what I can’t wait to read this week!!


Lazarus-5LAZARUS #5 – I love this book! Big ideas and a huge world being built by one of the best in the business Greg Rucka! A future where the world is feudal again and a few families run it all. Various regions of control and political strength mean that the families are always working to grow or destroy each other either through influence or their own Lazarus, the Champion who is of the family but different in ways that are slowly being shown. Heady, smart and gorgeous art it’s a great look at what comics can be.INVINCIBLE #107 – This book is so overlooked, or maybe just taken for granted. Funny, full of heart and twist that seem to always lane. If you are a true comic fan you should really be reading this and also how are you not already?!!

WALKING DEAD #118 – ALL OUT WAR CONTINUES!!! At its slow ongoing pace. After the first battle where tons..no dozens…no, no characters died!! The twice a month delivery makes it bearable but man COME ON ALREADY!!!!

SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN #6 – Hilarious world of bumbling villains trying to make their mark. A wonderful read every month. READ IT!!!! So it will keep going, I am almost ready to beg you!!

CAPTAIN AMERICA #14 – Cap vs Nuke! It’s time for throwdown! God I am so glad this book is finally out of Z world. Just saying.

spidey cat
CATACLYSM ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #2 – Miles is heading for the 616 WHOO HOO!!!! oh and he’s bring the evil Ultimate Reed Richards!!
CATACLYSM ULTIMATES #2– Alright get to eating Galactus!!! It’s been a pleasure Ultimate Universe but don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!!SO?! What are you reading?

— with Balrok del Cavo.


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