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Cosplay Interview: Northern Belle – Rogue

1435_616590995046990_793577433_n-1 G33K-HQ: When did you start cosplaying?

Northern Belle: I’ve been dressing up in costume and acting out parts for as long as I can remember. That said, I started actively attending the convention scene and cosplaying after Fan Expo 2011

G33K-HQ: What was your favorite character to cosplay as?

Northern Belle: My favourite character to cosplay thus far is definitely Rogue from Marvel’s X-Men. However, this summer I will debuting a new character that might surplant her in my affections.

G33K-HQ: What first attracted you to cosplay?

Northern Belle: As a kid whenever my friends and I would have sleep overs we would always watch movies and ‘cast’ people as certain characters. Then we’d go into our closets and sometimes our parents closets and dress up as those characters and shadow cast the film. I went to a performing arts high school to specialize in drama and attended the University of Toronto getting a degree as a theatre specialist with a minor in English. As I mentioned before I’ve been dressing up and playing parts as long as I could remember. So after I attended my first convention I was bitten by the cosplay bug realizing that there was yet another avenue I could use to express my art.

G33K-HQ: What is your favorite part of doing cosplay?

Northern Belle: My favourite part of cosplay is the look on someone’s face when they recognize me as one of their favourite characters. It’s the same elation I see when I see a cosplayer dressed up as one of mine.

G33K-HQ: What conventions/events will you be at this year?

Northern Belle: So far this year I already have a few conventions on the list, although my next event coming up is a Cosplay Skate. An event held in tandem with Cosplay for a Cure we’ve dubbed it Cos-Skate For A Cure, a PWYC event with all proceeds going towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation I will have a table under the name of Northern Panic at Toronto Comicon March 7-9th in Artist’s Alley. Run in tandem with Don’t Panic Cosplay we will be there all three days and running a charity event with proceeds being donated to Oolagen Kids Mental Health ( We’ve also got plans to be at Unplugged Expo sometime in October. I will also be attending Fun Expo in Welland on May 24th, Atomic Lollipop July 11-13 and of course Fan Expo August 28-31 in Toronto. I might also make it to Ottawa Comicon in May, but plans aren’t set in stone for that yet.

G33K-HQ: What was the first con you went to? What was your general reaction to it?

Northern Belle: The very first convention I ever attended was Wizard World Toronto in 2009 or 10. My general reaction was – wow, so wait I don’t have to wait for Hallowe’en or to be cast in a show to dress up all the time?!

SONY DSCG33K-HQ: How does Facebook/social media influence your costume making and character selection?

Northern Belle: It doesn’t. I choose each character for a reason, either I have a close personal connection with them, or it’s an original concept that I am trying to produce. People are always welcome to suggest characters, although people on my page seldom do. While it’s nice to have new ideas, it in no way influences who I choose to portray.

G33K-HQ: Do you have a dream cosplay?

Northern Belle: I have a lot of them… off the top of my head?
1) All the Rogue Suits out there
2) Anne Boleyn
3) All the Belle’s (from Beauty and the Beast)

4) Hexidecimal

G33K-HQ: What is your personal favorite cosplay you have done?

Northern Belle: Hmm, that’s a hard one. I’m really proud of my Jim Lee Rogue suit and my Dothraki Khaleesi outfit. With a couple of exceptions detailed in my “Did You Make It” Article on GeekXGirls I made the costume myself. However, some of my favourite works of art created with cosplay come in the form of body paint. Two of my favourite shoots to date include a Mystique/Rogue transformation done with Roxy Lee GG and Jonathan Pang and a Sheik Bodypaint from Zelda done with ArtistiCurves.

G33K-HQ: Most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?

Northern Belle: Truthfully there are too many to count. A couple include meeting my now best friend Don’t Panic Cosplay both dressed up as Rogue waiting to meet Stan Lee, playing the role of Sailor Jupiter in Fan Fiction the Show opposite Toby Proctor, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, as Tuxedo Mask and having Patrick Stewart put his arm around me whilst dressed as Rogue.

G33K-HQ: Have you had any cosplays go wrong/encountered problems whilst making cosplays?

Northern Belle: Oh boy – yes, yes I have. I have many horror stories. I’ve made and re-made the Jim Lee Rogue three times. I ordered a Sailor Moon wig that looked great from the front but didn’t cover the back of my head, I’ve made dresses that didn’t fit right and things that were out of place, but I’ve learned as with any performance, the show must go on. It’s better to not point out the flaws, otherwise people look for them 😉

G33K-HQ: Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Northern Belle: Cosplay because you love it, not for any other reason.

NBR Khaleesi Rogue Dragon-1G33K-HQ: What is your dream con to go to and why?

Northern Belle: Honestly it used to SDCC but sometimes when I read about it now and think of the sheer enormity of it I’m not sure that I’d be as comfortable in that crowd lol. I’d like to go to NYCC and DragonCon one day. I don’t really have a dream con so much as I’d like to get out as much as possible and see and meet other people who share my passions.

G33K-HQ: If you could be any character in your fave story who would that be and which story? (like I’d be Spiderman in the Civil Wars series)

Northern Belle: Right now I think I gotta give that to Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

G33K-HQ: What is your earliest geek memory?

Northern Belle: Hard to say really, I mean I grew up with a single father so I spent a lot of time as a kid watch Star Trek Next Generation. Personally, though, the first time I really was labeled as a geek was in my grade six talent show when I decided to perform Mark Antony’s soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

G33K-HQ: Do you consider yourself a “geek”?

Northern Belle: I’ve always been a very passionate individual, so if I’m a fan of something I like to immerse myself in the world.

G33K-HQ: What does the word “geek” mean to you?

Northern Belle: To me the word geek implies passion. It means someone is so passionate about something that they dedication to it goes above and beyond. That passion could be related to art, history, sports, comics, the list is endless. I think everyone is a geek in their own way.

G33K-HQ: Money is no object, what geek collectible you would purchase? (real Batmobile, Superman #1, etc.)

Northern Belle: All three Belle dresses from Firefly Path ( or a Castle – does that count?

G33K-HQ: Can you share with us any future cosplays you are planning?

Northern Belle: This year so far I’ve released Cruella DeVil and the major cosplay I’ll be unveiling later this year is Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast I’ve also got a couple other Disney characters in the works and a few others that are being kept a secret for now.

I’d just like to say thank you to g33k-hq for their interest in my work.

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Also do not forget to check out her articles over on the awesome Geek  Grils Website and there Facebook!

Photo Credits –

Jim Lee Rogue Suit
Rogue Costume/Model: Northern Belle Rogue (
Photography: Dana Harper (

Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen
Khaleesi Costume/Model: Northern Belle Rogue
Photography: Convoke Photography (
Dragon Editing: Amanda Dawn Cosplay (

Mystique/Rogue Transformation

Model: Northern Belle Rogue
Painters: Roxy Lee GG ( & Beth McLeod (
Photography: Jonathan Pang
Editing: Jessica LG (

Sheik Body Paint
Model: Northern Belle Cosplay
Paint & Photography: ArtistiCurves (

Messiah CompleX Rogue Suit
Rogue Model: Northern Belle Rogue
Photography: Derek Cutting (
Costume by Don’t Panic Cosplay (

Cruella Devil
Cruella Costume/Model: Northern Belle Rogue
Photography by Crosswing Photography (


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