Monday, August 15, 2022

Enasni Volz

Here Bio is listed as, “Enasni Volz is a 23 year old Literature major located in North Texas. She spends most of her time (when not working or at school) gaming or working on costumes. She began cosplaying Harley Quinn in 2009 and since then has developed a passion and drive for cosplaying and costume creation. Along with cosplaying her favorite characters, she also takes great joy in interacting with and being a part of the community surrounding the characters she portrays. Enasni is consistently growing and learning the trade, and one day hopes to find work in costuming and/or special effects makeup for major films and other productions.” You can follow her at [highlight]Facebook[/highlight] [highlight]Twitter [/highlight] and [highlight]Deviant-Art[/highlight]

Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
Just another G33k out in the verse having fun and helping spread g33k news and culture everywhere!!

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