Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Sexy Shady Six

At Anime Cons and Comic Cons, it is not wholly unusual to see a cosplayer here or there. It is not wholly unprecedented for people in a group to cosplay together. However, at Sac-Anime, I witnessed something that I found nothing less than amazing. Six beautiful women came to this anime convention dressed as Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Skarlet, Sonya, Blaze, and Frost from Mortal Kombat.

Together, they came to have to Sac Anime to have some fun and “look and feel sexy.” And they succeeded in more ways than one. I watched these ladies, as a group and on their own, be confident, be pulled aside and handle it with such grace.

Normally, in my personal experience, cosplays -as well as cosplayers- are overtly sexual. These lovely ladies were not. They came in with the intention of having good fun at a convention. That showed in how they acted. They did not allow themselves to become overtly sexual or unbecoming in their costumes. They hung out with people who wanted pictures, they went to panels, they hit the room floor. It was just surreal to see attractive young women with a demeanor that did not come off as unapproachable. Their behavior and approach-ability really made these six cosplayers something to marvel at.

And why did they do it? To have fun. But much more, they informed me that, for them, the dressing was a “…confident boost.” And Jordan designed these costumes for her friends. They wanted to have as much fun as the next person. They wanted to feel sexy while having fun at a Con, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Overall, these girls are everything I look for in a cosplayer, they were fun, approachable, kind, g33ky, and enjoyed themselves in their cosplay. That is why getting to know Jordan and all of her friends made future Sac-Animes something to look forward to next time if this is a standard for cosplayers in both creativity and demeanor.

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