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Black Milk’s Epic Social Media Fail

Black Milk Clothing had a bit of a meltdown Sunday that began with the posting of an ill conceived meme.  Rather than me rehashing the whole epic backlash that followed I’m going to point you to this excellent recap by Alyssa Janye via BuzzFeed.

Yesterday, to celebrate May the Fourth (Star Wars Day, for those of you who were unaware), the Black Milk Clothing fanpage posted this…

Yesterday, to celebrate May the Fourth (Star Wars Day, for those of you who were unaware), the Black Milk Clothing fanpage posted this…

Black Milk Clothing Facebook Page / Via Facebook: blackmilkclothing

…which, understandably, bothered several fans due to the implication that being more like the woman on the left is somehow better or more desirable than being like the woman on the right (Mayim Bialik as Amy in “The Big Bang Theory”). It also happens to go against their own, arguably cult-like, “commandments”. In particular:




Black Milk Clothing Facebook Page / Via Facebook:

When some of the page’s followers pointed out this contradiction of their own rules to Black Milk, their comments were either promptly deleted or met with condescending comments from the brand’s social media team, which only served to gain more attention than the initial meme itself.

But Black Milk persisted, defending their right to “poke fun at themselves” – though no members of staff were featured in the meme – and stated that the people who had been offended by the post were a minority and admitted that they would continue to delete any comments that weren’t “positive” enough. When this was, again, received negatively, they even went so far as to tell their own customers to unlike their page and to stop supporting them if they felt that this particular thread was out of line:

For many followers and long-time customers that had been watching from the sidelines, this was the final straw, and several decided to jump in and attempt to convince Black Milk of how terribly they were handling the situation…

After dozens of people were banned from the fan page (including several long-time customers that had helped to build the brand in the first place) and even more comments were deleted or unsatisfactorily responded to, many people took to the company’s many regional fan groups to express their disappointment in the way the situation was being handled, leading to an array of hilarious memes and not-so-hilarious comments directed at the company, including some from media personalities and affiliates of Disney, with whom Black Milk have an upcoming licensing deal.

.@BlackMilkTweets just banned me from their fb for posting this video on a thread where they are banning customers.

bm social media

Two updates should be included, one of which is Black Milk FINALLY deciding to apologize on their FaceBook page (only after an overwhelming onslaught from their fans and Rae Johnson’s decision to abandon the brand and auction off her extensive collection of BM clothing to raise money for charity.  If you ask me this is too little too late for Black Milk, they stuck to their guns and mercilessly banned and deleted long time fans when they thought they could sweep this under the carpet…it was only AFTER the fail wouldn’t go away that they decided to finally apologize.  If BM REALLY wants to show their remorse I’d like to see do something for their fans and figure out a way that this type of thing will NEVER happen again.
Evil genius and future ruler of this puny planet.

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