Monday, October 18, 2021

ConReview: BabsCon 2017

Bay Area Brony Spectacular, was my destination this past weekend and it was an interesting weekend to say the least. Background, I am not a My Little Pony fan, my niece and nephews like it and I think the writing can be cute. I promised a friend I would go one year, and he called in his chip this year. What can I say about this con? It felt like one of the most inclusive family atmospheres I have experienced in the convention scene. The event management was invested in making it a large party with attractions for all ages. They had a play area out back for the younger fans, with their own set of events and panels. They had collectible trading card games, even sporting a game called Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic that was given free by its creators to the community and custom cards were everywhere. The table top area had old favorites like the Red Tavern Inn, and some custom MLP inspired fall out table tops. BabsCon also had three panel rooms almost always having different community sponsored content and even some afterhours panels sporting drinking inspired fun, or even 4chan panels, which we won’t speak about. The main stage had several musical guests and panels with the guests of honor. Major headliners of the Convention:

Voice Actors, Actresses and even artists from My Little Pony





The convention also featured a pretty large vendor area sporting a lot of artists selling everything from stuffies, hand made jewelry, postcards, body pillows and everything else you could want. Also this was my first convention experience that had a party floor for after hours drinking open for drinking age adults. There really was not a time you could not find something to do or enjoy the whole weekend.

My concluding thoughts are that BabsCon was fun three day event that really lived up to the motto “Friendship is Magic. If you have any interest in My Little Pony, or no interest like in my case, they will still accept you and show you a great time. Enjoy some more pictures from this weekend and expect to see a larger gallery in the comings weeks.


All photos in this gallery by AlexDoesntCosplay be sure to check out my Official Facebook page for more pictures and articles!

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