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ConReview: Grape City Con 2017

The 3rd Annual Grape City Con, is a single day pop culture convention that happened this Sunday, April 9th, 2017. This being my first Grape City Con I was not sure what to expect as I headed into the Lodi Fairgrounds and I must say, it was really an enjoyable event. Something I really dislike is the layout of some cons where it feels like you can’t move, and that wasn’t an issue even packed the aisles were nice and wide. This allowed a lot of time to move around the three main rooms and check out a host of different artists and vendors selling things like custom figurines, solo authored books, comics and other collectibles. If you needed a break from walking around inside, you could step outside and find yourself looking at the four-cornered battle field that is Pro Wrestling Bushido . The ever enjoyable Donovon Troi made an appearance as the announcer and local talent was on display flying across the ring all day. Across from this you could enjoy some foam weapon battles being hosted, where anyone could strap on a sword, and join a fun and safe environment to act out Medieval dreams. In the main area, there was a food vendors, and a resting area where convention goers could take a break, sit down and refresh. The second building played host to the featured events of the day, the Geek Fashion Show hosted a panel, talking about fashion and inclusion. All the featured guests sat down and answered questions to the delight of attendee’s. The guest list for this event was especially star filled covering various aspects of pop culture like:



Shawna Waldron, Aaron Schwartz, Ciara Hanna, Cameron Jebo And Jacqueline Goehner!

The con also hosted a lot of featured artists, and a Cosplay Contest showcasing some of the best cosplayers in the valley. The entire day was fantastic and I, definitely, am looking forward to going back to the next Grape City Con!





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