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Cosplay Interview: Kid Remington

200470_492296540781506_1533281705_nG33K-HQ: When did you start cosplaying?

Kid: As a kid in the basement. We always re-enacted the scenes from Spiderman, Star Wars etc. Halloween was an opportunity to dress as a superhero, wrestler, mummy, etc. At that time I thought I was honing makeup skills etc. But really it was just having fun in the name of racking up a large number of chocolate bars!


G33K-HQ: What was your favorite character to cosplay as?
Kid: For me Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. It’s pretty much all I do. I know everyone pretty much makes a bingo card of costumes they choose to do but that’s not for me. This costume chose me, and I can’t give that up. I put a lot of effort into it every time I do the costume. Knowing the legacy he left, and how cult like his fans are – I will never stop trying to improve what I do with the character or costume. Every scar, mark, nuance. I try to get it down. But – I don’t PUSH IT on people at cons. A lot of people are just JOKER’D and HARLEY’D OUT! I don’t want to add to that.


G33K-HQ: What first attracted you to cosplay?
Kid: Well with comic conventions and events, I went to a Halloween Bash as Joker and from there it was our local Comic Con that same weekend. I got dragged kicking and screaming and deathly afraid I was going to be laughed out of the building for being dressed up, but you’ve heard the story a million times about costumers getting mobbed for pictures. I remember meeting  my first good Harley Quinn and that was life changing (thanks Simons!!!). I had such a crush on her in Batman the Animated Series and Alex Ross’ famous image. To see her walking around in real life was like a kick in the face!!!! I remember being so hooked and going home that night and I was a Zombie. My wife didn’t believe the story of how I was received so the next day we went back, and I couldn’t find a place to park. As we were walking to the con I was stopped by Klingons for pictures and my wife was looking around to see what world we were on. There was no way I was not going to continue doing that as much as I could.


G33K-HQ: What is your favorite part of doing cosplay?
Kid: The whole experience has been fine tuned, so where it used to be Harley Quinn Pre-con coffee with the villains. The con itself. Post con eats, hot tub and champagne (yes – we villains do it well). But hearing direct positive comments about how much seeing me means to people, the great job I do. At my first Dragoncon I was told by a couple at Harleypalooza that they like me because I’m a nice guy in a creepy costume, not a creepy guy in a nice costume. I had no idea how much that would end up meaning to me now – but it sure does. After my first Dragoncon having cool little positive comments left on my Facebook wall by massive costumers meant a lot to me. I come from the middle of nowhere up in Canada, I’m not one of the family, but to feel included, ugh, that must be what it feels like when a cat falls asleep in a sunbeam. So yes, lots of special moments. It’s all quite emotional.

G33K-HQ: What conventions/events will you be at this year?


Kid: This year I will represent up in Canada and visit 5 cons in awesome cities like Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. For the United States – I make a return to Dragoncon and am bringing some of my best villainous Canadian friends. I can’t wait. At every event – I plan something special (photoshoot, charity function, host a costume contest). I am always trying to leave a positive mark on an event.

G33K-HQ: What was the first con you went to? What was your general reaction to it?


Kid: The first con I attended was Central Canada Comic Con (C4) 2009. I talked about it in previous questions, but just the shock of being accepted, being surrounded by like people who were experiencing the same things I did. Again – meeting a real live Harley Quinn for the first time… SWOON!
G33K-HQ: How does Facebook/social media influence your costume making and character selection?


Kid: It really doesn’t. People might suggest something to me, but every time I put something up like – Who would I be in Star Wars?? Most people would just put a Joker comment in reply and not take it seriously. Personally I despise the land rush by costumers to CLAIM a costume as their own. Lokis, Elsa, Maleficent will be the latest…. I know a dozen AWESOME Jokers who all do their own thing. Donnie, David, Trey, Anthony, Vincent, Dylan, Karl, Brady – you are all good at what you do, keep doing it! … DO WHAT YOU DO – WELL, and HAVE FUN! Whatever your fun is. To add to that – There are a lot of BRAVE people on Facebook/Social media and they stir up a lot of crap and negativity and you meet them in real life and they hide in their shell of friends and you see who they really are, that’s another influence of Social Media – that needs to go away! We should all just be happy to have this platform to do awesome things and show and share with each other and all walk down this road together.


G33K-HQ: Do you have a dream cosplay?


Kid: THE BE ALL AND END ALL DREAM COSPLAY would be a TRUE Joker from Batman the Animated Series – that would be mint. I have never really seen one. People try but in my opinion they always end up looking like comic book renditions.


G33K-HQ: What is your personal favorite cosplay you have done?

Kid: Ledger Joker – certain shots I’ve had done I am so proud of – but that’s more the awesome photographers – not me. Some days it’s terrible but some days, you don’t want to take the makeup off.

G33K-HQ: Most memorable moment whilst cosplaying?


281907_10151035211406828_22845490_nKid: Whoa… WAY TO MANY to mention. I try to make everyone’s con experience positive and enjoyable so I’m not sure what to pick. Maybe just look at the pictures with this article and wait for my book!!! I do want to say a special thanks to Frozen Hatchet my main photographer and all the other ones I have had a chance to work with. You folks are the true heroes. We just stand around looking like idiots. But you have to take pictures from your mind, use us as chess pieces and win the game.

G33K-HQ: Have you had any cosplays go wrong/encountered problems whilst cosplaying?


Kid: I changed this question around a bit to fit me….
Yes it was quite stressful. I was hosting a costume contest in a full theatre and a group of 6 FEMALE Robins – (Dick, Damian, Stephanie, Jason, Tim and Carrie) – I love interaction with the contestants. Apparently they had enough of my and attacked me at the podium. They ripped my pants up. The crotch area was fully exposed. I wasn’t worried and downplayed it (hiding behind the podium), then later on in the show Three Batmen stormed the stage and started beating me down. They were going to hold me upside down and somehow under the capes I was able to let them know “If you guys do that, everyone is going to get a smile they will never forget.” I can’t begin to tell you how stressed I was when that second attack happened.
Also – I had an issue with a young boy at an event. He just saw popped a chip in his mouth and saw me and you could see the terror on his face. It went down the wrong hole. I felt horrible all I wanted to do was run towards him and help him out (first aid trained)… but he was terrified of me. His Mom started pounding him on the back, not seeing what had happened and the chip and a bunch of puke came out.
As far as makeup etc. Wearing scars for 16 hours a day for four days. I’ve ended up having the red marks on my face for days after a convention. So use good product, moisturize and thanks to everyone that has given me tips, tricks etc. to not go crazy in real life.
G33K-HQ: Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?


Kid: In short – Do it for fun, take advice from anyone you can, keep your ego in check, and realize there is not a table with prints waiting to be sold – with your name on it. The majority of us don’t make a career of this, we make it fun.
Also – you can buy a full costume online – but sometimes it takes more than a costume and standing there to have a finished cosplay.


G33K-HQ: What is your dream con to go to and why?


Kid: Already done – Dragoncon… The Mardi Gras of Conventions. Great times, great people, repeat, repeat, repeat!!!


G33K-HQ: If you could be any character in your fave story who would that be and which story?


Kid: Joker – Batman the Animated Series


G33K-HQ: What is your earliest geek memory?

Kid: I think a couple things come to mind. Getting taken along to my father’s haircuts and his barber had comic books. I usually liked the cool outfits and masks (Avengers). Also – I loved the 60’s Spiderman Cartoon. The Villains were so awesome. The ones where it was just some guy, or cavemen or mushrooms turning into beetles… meh, but Scorpion, Mysterio, Vulture, Green Goblin, The Human Fly’s etc.. were really cool!


G33K-HQ: Do you consider yourself a “geek”?


Kid: I don’t generally like the term GEEK, or nerd. I think of The Big Bang Theory and canned media generalizations. Really – I am a very proficient athlete at several sports, I play several musical instruments, I am creative. I don’t like to be pigeonholed by one term. If I had to put a term on it… I would use “BULL SHARK”. I go where I want (salt or fresh water), when I want, and do what I want. I don’t get all the credit as other more famous shark species, but it allows me to do MORE in the end. If you get what I’m saying.


G33K-HQ: What does the word “geek” mean to you?


Kid: I sort of answered that with the Big Bang Theory in the last question. Before Superhero and Rock Band shirts were available in generic stores like Walmart or Target – to me that’s when “Geek” was really prevalent. Now it’s easy to be one, even my Dad wears an Iron Man shirt from time to time, and he’s nearly 70! That in itself blows my mind. Everything is available in today’s world. When I was growing up, there were NO IRON MAN SHIRTS to be had. Only one action figure. Now you can buy suits that make YOU the action figure.


G33K-HQ: Money is no object, what geek collectible you would purchase? (real Batmobile, Superman #1, etc.)

Kid: Alex Ross’ original Watercolour of Joker/HarleyQuinn.

G33K-HQ: Can you share with us any future cosplays you are planning?


Kid: Maybe not planning per say but I have lots of ideas. A full Devastator from Transformers (Cartoon version) would be slick. Owlman from the Earth 2 Graphic Novel. Hawkeye or an Old School IronMan, maybe Vector or X-Ray from the U-Foes. Vicious from Cowboy Bebop. Kefka from Final Fantasy. A bunch of troopers from Star Wars – Snow, Storm, TIE Pilot. A variety of Jokers, all of these would be great. the Monarch from Venture Bros.
I want to say thank you for thinking of me to do this, It was a lot of fun.
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Kid Remington
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Photo Credits to:
Frozen Hatchet
Kelly Bents
Michael Smith
Stacey Grayson
Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
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