Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Cosplay Outing: Captain America 2

I want to start off by saying Captain America: The Winter Soldier was AWESOME!  I loved the movie!  Ok, now that’s out of the  way, this will be a spoiler free mini review of the Cap movie and a tale of our costumed exploits at the cinema!

I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for a looooong time.  While I enjoyed the first Captain America movie it was just a tad light on the Captain America moments I had been anticipating, namely the cool shield moves and Cap doing what he does best…kicking a whole bunch of butts at the same time!  The Winter Soldier had no such shortcomings and delivered a tense thriller punctuated by some truly sick fight scenes…I mean no holds barred, straight from the comics Cap kicking serious ass 🙂  I will not go into plot points, but the political thriller angle was played out well and the story never dragged.


We set up an appearance at the Regal Hacienda Crossing AMC.  While it did take some time to reach the right person,  when I finally spoke to them they were more than happy to have us come down.  There were @20 of us all together (some in civvies) and it didn’t take long before there was a crowd around us.  We even got to take a pic with some of our own homegrown heroes


I think the theater staff didn’t really know what to make of us at first, but then ended up being very accommodating. One of the best moments was when a group of children from a birthday party came out of an earlier showing. They were excited to see us and the birthday boy had “Happy Birthday” sung to him by Captain America and his fellow Avengers. Afterwards we were allowed in early to snag a row of seats and sat down for the show. I’d say it was a unanimous ‘thumbs up’ from the whole crew.  I do want to thank everyone who came out for the show, some from quite a distance, your company was most welcome.

The whole thing went well and the credits started to roll…queue the noobies to get up and start walking out of the theater…I mean seriously, who doesn’t know by now that Marvel movies have stingers???  Some guy right in front of me even powered up his huge phone and started checking Facebook.  I politely reminded him to turn it off.  At first he wanted to ignore me, but once he got a look at the villainous Baron Strucker telling him to turn his phone off he obliged…one of my fave moments that night lol.

We hit food at Fudruckers afterwards and g33ked out to the Nth degree…all in all a perfect night!

Images Taken By Danny DeLuna, Ryan Griffeth, & Jeremiah Slack

Evil genius and future ruler of this puny planet.

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