Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition Steps Out

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. announces that it will be demonstrating a new classroom edition based on its multi-million selling ‘Exergaming’ series, Dance Dance Revolution, that is suited for classes in places such as schools, community and fitness centers, at the upcoming BETT 2014 Show. BETT is an event that covers learning technology and innovative solutions to inspire and offer tips for primary, secondary, higher education, as well as workplace learning and development environments.

Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition is an interactive video game that promotes physical activity via dance and movement. The PC-based system allows for up to 48 wireless dance mat controllers to be linked, whereupon users then have to match a series of onscreen arrows with the correct corresponding icon on the mat.

The system then allows teachers to track vital information such as steps taken, Body Mass Index (BMI), and the calories burned by each user. Each user is also given an individual card that allows them to store their progress and monitor their efforts on an ongoing basis.

KONAMI’s Dance Dance Revolution series has long been recognized by leading researchers and Doctors as an innovate and fun way of promoting a healthy lifestyle and combating obesity, with studies showing that playing Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition for 40 minutes is the equivalent to a 5k run. The system – termed ‘Exergaming’ – has enjoyed huge success in the US and Canada, and will be revealed for the first time at this year’s BETT event in London’s EXCEL Venue.

BETT takes place January 22nd-25th, and is the global meeting place for the educational technology community, and KONAMI will be demonstrating Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition through the four-day event.

Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition: Key Facts
·         PC-based
·         Link up to 48 wireless mats
·         Charge rack for compact and easy storage
·         Smart card system to monitor progress
·         Programmable sessions: determine time and add breaks for tailored use

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