Home Culture Darth Vader- President of the Ukraine?

Darth Vader- President of the Ukraine?

Darth Vader- President of the Ukraine?
Over the last couple of weeks, there have been quite the rumblings in the Ukraine and with the presidential elections occurring this May, has a potential savior been found from the Dark Side of the Force?
As reported, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, has thrown in his helmet for the Ukrainian Presidency after winning the primaries of the Ukrainian Internet Party. The alleged former-Jedi Knight discussed his plans to lead the country into a new age of Imperial might. As someone who does support the Dark Lords of the Sith, I am all for this. After all, when separatism and civil war threatened galactic stability, did Chancellor Palpatine back down? I think not!In all seriousness, the Ukraine Internet Party have been activists calling for more digitalization of the government, restructuring of governmental bureaucracy and tax reformation since 2007. It does have some shady background, having been formed by a former cybercriminal.

The amount of chaos in the Ukraine these past few weeks has been staggering. Only time will tell how this very delicate situation will be hopefully resolved.


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