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Unisex Shoes from Avatar the Last Airbender

If you are a fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise, then you will want to check out these unisex shoes over on

Unisex Shoes from Avatar the Last Airbender

Product Description


Sizes Men’s: 5-12 Woman’s: 7-14

Footwear for Twinkle Toes

Toph Beifong does a great job at handing out nicknames. Her pet name for Aang is especially fitting. When he isn’t wading through secret tunnels or accidentally waging war on defenseless heads of cabbage, Aang is usually whirling, dodging, and dancing his way out of danger. Fancy footwear is sort of his thing. It’s only natural that a pair of shoes based on Aang would have Air Nomad style that will help you feel light on you feet. 

Fun Details

These Avatar: The Last Airbender Shoes are officially licensed from the Nickelodeon series. They infuse classic Airbender details into a modern, high-top design, making them a comfortable option for everyday wear. The exterior features the warm orange and bold yellow colors of the traditional Air Nomad outfit. The tongue comes with a blue arrow tattoo, just like the one seen on Aang’s head. Blue laces add a bright pop of airy color and the Air symbol along the side helps bring the whole look together. Slide them on, using the heel loop in back, and you’ll move like the wind. You might even be ready for a new nickname! How’s that sound, Twinkle Toes?

Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
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