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Frozen to Get a Sequel, Sing-Along, and Stage Show

Frozen to Get a Sequel, Sing-Along, and Stage Show

There’s no questioning Frozen’s success. The latest Disney film has proven itself a strong competitor in the box office, constantly reclaiming the top spot in the box offices, and winning viewers over everywhere. Even “Let It Go,” arguably the film’s strongest song, has managed to hit the charts twice, with Idina Menzel’s performance and Demi Lovato’s cover for the credits both taking a spot. Given its success, it’s only natural that Disney will let the franchise end right there, rather than trying to milk it for all it’s worth.


I’m just kidding. They’re taking Frozen to the bank, with announcements of a sequel, Broadway musical, and sing-along theatrical screenings. And I’m okay with that.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, has confirmed that a Broadway production of Frozen is underway. Fans need not worry for a quick cash grab, though, as the company is taking its time to ensure that a stage performance will be just as enchanting as the movie.

Disney is known for having some excellent stage adaptations of its property, such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, so fans can rest assured that the latest Disney hit will be well-represented on stage. Of course, few could dare try to compete with Idina Menzel’s singing voice, but they won’t have to, as she is currently attached to the project, along with Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff.


But that’s not all! We can also expect a sequel to Frozen. That can be slightly more worrying, as Disney sequels tend to be rather hit-and-miss. Occasionally its direct-to-video sequels are pretty good, such as the Aladdin sequels and The Lion King 2. On the other hand, sometimes they’re… well, not good at all. As we have no word on what the sequel will involve, all we can do is hope and speculate at the moment.

However, as the story in Frozen came to a conclusion with everything wrapped up neatly, adding on additional “sequel drama” may prove difficult, lest Disney fall into the sequel trap of manufacturing drama to tear the characters apart until the end. Fortunately, they did create a vast and magical world to explore, so there is much potential there.

For example, it was stated early on that Elsa was born with her powers, rather than cursed with them. This means that magical abilities are not unheard of, and there are others out there who are both born and cursed with magical abilities. Looking more into that may open up a vast amount of possibilities, and would provide some answers as to where Elsa’s powers really come from.
Perhaps even including more of a crossover with Tangled would be amusing, as Rapunzel and Flyn- err, Eugene were spotted in the background near the beginning of the film. But those are just my ideas, and if anyone from Disney is reading this, you have my permission to hire me and use them.

Until those come out, though, the Frozen storm is not settling any time soon, with the addition of a sing-along theatrical release. Considering how many people have bought the soundtrack or seen the movie multiple times, there are few viewers who don’t know the songs yet, so this could be a very fun experience.

On the other hand, it could be an experience with a crowded theater of screaming children belting out “Reindeer are better than people” at the top of their lungs at the wrong time, so I advise going with a group with friends.


Whether or not you feel Frozen is worthy of all its praise, there’s no denying that its popularity has skyrocketed, and has quickly earned itself a place in Disney history. If you loved it, then you can look forward to the sequel, sing-along, and Broadway adaptation. If you’re tired of all the Frozen hype, well, maybe it’s time to let it go.


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