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G33ky DIY Wreath and Lightsaber!

diy-nerd-wreathOk so we got two really great DIY projects for you a awesome g33k wreath and custom lightsaber.

First up is the awesome g33ky wreath. Created by the crew over at Our Nerd Home by combining  a bunch  of fandoms. It was actually pretty easy as they drew the shapes onto foam board, then cut them with an X-acto knife, and colored them in with paint and markers.

Full instructions and details at  Our Nerd Home
lightsaber infograpghic
Second up is this awesome Infographic on who to build your own Lightsaber!
Almost Nerdy has provide a quick cheap easy alternative for us all to build our own Lightsaber, and with just a  few mods you can make it truly your own.
Due to a email We must clarify That Almost Nerdy is just the “Found Source”- source where we found the infographic, not the creator. Also That MIGHT be the original creator, even though they are listed as Component Source right n the infographic.
Here is the email we received:
I hope you are well!

I saw your post here: which includes an infographic on how to create your own lightsaber.

The infographic was created by one of our clients, Newark, however you have credited Almost Nerdy with the infographic instead. Could you please credit Newark also/instead too as owners of the infographic, by simply linking to

I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to your co-operation!

Best wishes

Our Response was:
Hello Joe,
I see that you are requesting us to change our Provided  SOURCE on the info
graphic for the lightsaber build at I have a few
things on that, Fist i think you have us confused, as we never gave Almost nerdy
credit for making the info graphic, but rather we gave them SOURCE credit like
it shows by the fact that we said ” Source: Almost Nerdy” not “Created By:
Almost Nerdy”, we never meant to lead anyone intothinkin they actually made the
info graphic other wise we would have said “created by” not “source”. The second
thing is that the infographic it self says that the company you are wanting me
to credit, Newark,  is  a “Component Source” not creator/owner of the info
graphic either. But I will happily list Newark as a component source, just as we
listed Almost nerdy as our source for where we found the info graphic. If you
want me to list Newark as creative source then i need proof that Newark created
it. You said it was a “client”  not you, so if your client wants to be credited
as” creative source” then just have Newark e-mail me proof and i will gladly add
them as creative source. For now I will however edit it to list Newark as a”
component source” like it does on the actual infographic in question. Sry for
any confusion, that was not intended

Jeremiah Slack
Owner G33k-HQ

Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
Just another G33k out in the verse having fun and helping spread g33k news and culture everywhere!!

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