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Geeks Converge For 2014 Winter Sac Anime Con

Sac Anime Con has returned to the Sacramento Convention Center.

Though it may not be the big name con that Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con will be, it is nonetheless a remarkable convention that has grown beyond imagining in Sacramento.

The con began as a small affair in Sunrise Mall’s promenade. It shortly grew large enough to move to the Scottish Rite Center, then the Radisson, the Woodlake, and finally, it’s current location. The last Con’s attendance is estimated at 9000 people. Numbers for this weekend are currently outstanding.

Venders and Artists shared the main exhibit hall while meeting rooms were packed with events such as Cosplay Chess, Tabletop and CCG play rooms, ballroom dance instruction and viewing rooms. Cosplayers of a wide array of characters, including Marvel’s Thor, various characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Disney movies, Animes such as Pokemon and Digimon, and characters from the web series Homestuck, packed every available space in the convention center and the two nearby hotels.

This weekend’s guests include Dante Basco (voice actor of Prince Zuko and General Iroh of Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, respectively), Janet Varney (Korra of Legend of Korra), Steve Blum (voice actor of Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop and Wolverine of various animated incarnations of the X Men), and Ashly Burch (voice actor of Tiny Tina of Borderlands and Reid of Aliens: Colonial Marines), among many others. A full listing of guests can be found at Sac Anime’s website.

Local artists Jeremy Rathbone, Katrina Salumbides and Maverek can be found in the Artist’s Alley, along with many other talented artists.

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Korbl Klimecki
Korbl Klimecki
Korbl is a journalism and culinary student at ARC. His earlier geek memory is boffer fights and renn faires with his dad when he was barely bigger than the boffers. To him, being a geek means an unapologetic love of fiction and intellectual pursuits.

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