Monday, November 28, 2022

Hospital and W.B. Team up to Create Superhero Center

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil has teamed up with DC Comics & Warner Bros. to create a program for cancer-stricken kids that will help them understand their treatment and hopefully make it easier for them to take. Chemotherapy is an arduous battle that is very taxing on the patient. Above all a positive attitude is key to the treatment working at its full potential. The treatment is now a “super formula” that will give kids back their “powers” and restore them to health. The kids are now going through treatment to be part of the Justice League!
Covers for intravenous bags were constructed based on characters from the Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. With doctors input, the covers were designed to be easy to sterilize and handle and meet all hospital hygiene standards.
The Cancer Center went further with the experience went far beyond the covers by also the hospital has redecorated the ward in a superhero theme. The game room was turned into the Hall of Justice, corridors and doors were decorated with images of the heroes, and the ward gained an exclusive entrance just for the little heroes.
As any good cancer doctor will tell you, the most important step in fighting cancer is believing in a cure!

Evil genius and future ruler of this puny planet.

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