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Interview: Casey Storm Northern


My name is Casey Storm Northern (real name!). I am 32, helping my mom raise my nephew and I have 3 beautiful dogs named Reba, Fawn and Oliver.  I went to San Francisco Academy of Art and graduated with a BA in illustration/animation.  I still draw every day for fun and sometimes for hire, but I kinda fell into knitting geeky things and it’s so unique that I never looked back!  My mom taught me to knit in college and to crochet a few years ago, I showed her the ways of the geek and the combination turned into a great family business.

My website is and my mom’s is

Find me listed as Tinybully Knits at East Bay Comic Con, Big Wow, Wondercon, APE, Sac-Con and many others!  I always post about my upcoming shows on my website.

Q: What is your earliest geek memory?

That’s hard, there are so many.  My older brother hated when I beat him at Sonic… We built models together and then burned them in the backyard for battle damage… He let me watch movies like Terminator and Robocop when I was probably way to young.  I remember always being the only girl in the comic book store but no one seemed to mind either way.  The boys were not intimidated, mad or overcome.

Mario-handsQ: What inspired you to start making geeky knits?

I asked my mom to teach me knitting in college so I’d have something portable to do on BART and during lecture and computer courses that I didn’t have to look at while I was working on it.  I started knitting gloves with stars and skulls and strawberries on them.  I sold them and my art at Wondercon one year.  Then my boyfriend at the time asked me to make him Batman gloves and it hit me like a ton of bricks… Iron Man repulsor rays!  Why haven’t I ALWAYS done this?!!?!???

Q: What is your favorite project you have made?

Zombies.  I love making my zombie hats with their brains and pop-out eyeballs and shredded skin.  They take forever to make but I love every second, every time.  That’s why I don’t charge enough for them, I want the zombie horde to grow and I want to keep making them!

RiddlerQ: Describe your work area to us?

Boxes and bags of yarn all over my house, separated by color or project… For instance I have special bags for Tom Baker, Jayne and zombies.  I usually knit on my couch with a current project in my travel bag on the table next to me, lit by an ott light, watching tv, and there’s always at least 1 dog on my lap.  I also house/dog/cat sit for others, and bring my work with me, so sometimes it’s a cat on my lap instead.

Q: What helps you come up with new ideas?

I make things that interest me, so the list is long.  I usually decide what to make next based on customer requests.  Most of the time when someone asks for an item I’ve already thought of it, but since someone wants to buy it, that’s how it gets to #1.

Q: Do you consider yourself a “geek”?


Q: What does the word “geek” mean to you?

Geeks are into comics, scifi, toons, games, etc… Of course within that we’re also human beings, some of us are jerks, most are nice, some aren’t terribly smart, some are geniuses.  I fall into the nice and dumb category, I love everyone but I’m easily distracted by furry or shiny things and I have a terrible memory for names, numbers and directions.  But I can make a TARDIS hat with my eyes shut!

Rebel-handsQ: Stuck on a deserted island, you can bring ONE series’ entire library to keep yourself occupied…what would it be?

It’d have to be sometime long, so it’d last a while and/or make good kindling.  X-Men or Superman I think.

Ryan Griffeth
Ryan Griffeth
Born & raised in California, lived all over the U.S. G33k since i can remember, brought on board by Jeremiah as the lead designer for G33K-HQ and took off running now Writer / Photographer / Webmaster for G33K-HQ.

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