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Interview with Kit Quinn!

Interview with Kit Quinn!

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Kit Quinn is an actress, cosplayer, model, and a fan. She is one of those people that is a hub, the center of a large community of creative people; artists, actors, costumers, etc. You would hard pressed to find anyone in the convention scene that doesn’t have a connection to her in some way…we could play “6 Degrees of Separation from Kit” pretty easily Wink

I met Kit through mutual friends in the Venture Bros community. Kit is well known for not only being a great cosplayer but also someone who brings people into the fold. I was lucky enough to steal some of  her time away from the production of Sweethearts of the Galaxy to do this interview.

G33k-hq: What is your earliest geek memory?

Kit: I can’t quite remember what my first is, probably fighting with my brother over which Ninja Turtle was coolest, but I can tell you one I distinctly remember and think is really funny. When I was a kid “Batman Beyond” followed one of my favorite shows. Which I, of course, can’t remember what one it was right now, I feel like it might have been Batman and Superman…but anyway, I always turned it off because it looked like a show for grown-ups. Until one day I couldn’t resist and then realized it was a show about Batman and felt really silly for being afraid of it and watched the crap out of it!

G33k-hq: Tell us how you got involved in comics/sci-fi.

Kit: I was lucky to grow up in the early 90s when comic book based cartoons were all over the place! From Batman to X-Men, we had a lot of great options growing up. And these great cartoons kept going as I got older, until the early 2000s when either they stopped being made, or they weren’t very good, so I stopped watching. In any event, that then lead me to seek out new forms of nerdy. I went through anime in high school, comics and movies in college, and now I get to read and watch what I want because I’m an adult!!!!

G33k-hq: Sweethearts has a really big cosplay angle, how long have you been involved in cosplay?

Kit: I’ve been cosplaying since 2007 when the stars finally aligned and I could follow Silv down to Comic Con!

G33k-hq: How did you and Silver meet?

Kit: We actually can’t really remember, we’re guessing it probably happened at lunch or before school around 7th grade. We had mutual friends so we at some point just ended up hanging out and 10 years later here we are!

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G33k-hq: Tell us how the Sweethearts idea came into being.

Kit: Sweethearts came from a running joke myself and Michael (our writer) have had since college. He would go to cons with me sometimes and said wouldn’t it be cool if we wrote a show about this! So we joked about it for years until Dexter (our director) came into the picture and said, “Yeah, let’s do it!”

G33k-hq: If you could cast anyone in Sweethearts, who would you cast and what would they play?

Kit: Oh man, my skills as a casting director are basically the worst. Never let me fan cast anything because the names you’ll get will make no sense and generally be based on what actors I’ve recently seen, and can remember their names.

G33k-hq: What is “doing cosplay right”?

Kit: Doing cosplay right means doing it to the point of your enjoyment. Don’t get so competitive with your costume it effects how you treat others. Don’t kill yourself trying to make something perfect for the approval of others. Do what makes you happy and allows you to share the fun with others. Unless you’re in an actual competition with rules, the only wrong way to cosplay is by being a dick to other people about their cosplay.

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G33k-hq: What is on your cosplay bucket list?

Kit: That is a long list, but top two are Belle’s ball gown from Beauty and the Beast and AndrAIa from Reboot. But I hope to give AndrAIa a go for this year at DragonCon! Here’s to hoping I can do enough crunches!

G33k-hq: Now that you’re acting, any dream roles you’d like to play?

Kit: Wonder Woman! I had always hoped I’d have my acting career where it needed to be by the time a Wonder Woman movie comes around. Looks like I’m going to be off by a few years, so that’s a bummer, but there’s always more superhero films to make! I also love any period pieces so anything WWII and before I would love to be in.

G33k-hq: Do you consider yourself a “geek”?

Kit: I’m not positive of the definitions but I always thought a geek was someone with more technical know-how. So if that’s true I’m a failure. We joke I “Kitty Pryde” computers, I can destroy them just by touching them. It’s a gift really. But if geek is the love of pop culture, then yup I’m in!

G33k-hq: What does the word “geek” mean to you?kit 4

Kit: Geek means having a passion for something, it could be sports to comics, software to dog breeds. If you have a great passion for something and invest your time, energy, and possibly money into this passion then you’re a geek in my book!

Make sure you catch the newest episode of Sweethearts of the Galaxy tomorrow 12/3/13 on YouTube!



images: Kit Quinn, Tony – Shutterfoo, Estrada Photography


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