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Is Andy Kaufman Alive?

Andy Kaufman was a ground breaking comedian who died almost 30 years ago…or did he pull off the greatest prank in modern comedy?  Well according to a series of bizarre events culminating at the Annual Andy Kaufman Awards on November 11th that might be exactly what happened. Andy is exactly the kind of person who would fake their own death. Speculation around whether Kaufman’s demise was not real have been brewing ever since his announced death from cancer in 1984. In the Andy Kaufman biopic director Milos Forman even added an interesting scene at the end of his 1999 Man on the Moon leaving that possibility open. Now new information has come into light that, if true, mean that Andy has been alive the last 29 years of his living in obscurity with a wife and family.

At the awards show Monday night Andy’s brother, Michael Kaufman began to talk about his, Andy’s, legacy and then dropped the bombshell that he doesn’t actually know if Andy is alive or dead. He referred back to a story about how in 1984 he was going through his brother’s things and discovered an papers written by Andy about how he would go about faking his own death. The story went on to say that he would eventually reappear on Christmas Eve 1999 at a particular restaurant.  On that date came Michael went to the restaurant to find out the truth. While he did not see his brother Michael claimed that he was given a letter addressed to him from Andy by a stranger.  The letter explained how he wanted to have a normal life and that “he’d met and fallen in love with a woman and had a daughter, and that he didn’t want Michael or anyone to say anything while their own father was still alive.”

Andy and Michael’s father, Stanley, died this past summer, and Michael told the audience at the Gotham Comedy Club that a month after the loss he got a call from a young woman who told him over the phone that Andy was alive and that he had actually been paying attention to the Andy Kaufman Awards “from afar” and was very proud of the event.  Then things really kicked it up a notch on the crazy scale and Michael asked the crowd if that young woman was in the audience.  A young woman stood and made her way to the stage. The report on The Comic’s Comic, which was written by a writer named Sean L. McCarthy, doesn’t mention exactly how this young woman was connected to Andy, but Killy Dwyer, an Andy Kaufman Awards finalist who was there that night, said in a Facebook post (see below) that the mystery guest was Andy Kaufman’s daughter.

Now this could all be just an elaborate joke told in the spirit of Andy’s particularly bizarre sense of humor or it could be true…stranger things have happened.


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source: cinemablend.com and Facebook

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