Tuesday, December 6, 2022

“MMPR” Power Rangers Fan Film Series

mmpr_movie_03This awesome fan series is the result of a successful Kick Starter Campaign, in which they made $42,000 and are moving ahead with the series. The first episode is set for early 2014, and the official synopsis is:

“As the world celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers, a controlling paramilitary group known as The Silver Guardians has taken over the duty of protecting the citizens of Angel Grove. Claire Ashmore (Dina Cataldi) is a former top soldier of the Silver Guardians, until she unearths the plans made by the head of the organization, General E.A. Collins (John Damroth). For the first time on the other side of a conflict, Claire must stop the Silver Guardians before it is too late. She will stumble upon the help of the ancient mythological being known as Zordon, the former mentor of the Power Rangers, as she unravels the mystery and attempts to steal the Power Morphers from the Silver Guardians. “

A new war has begun between the Power Rangers, The Silver Guardians and the returning Lord Zedd

Check out the Trailer:




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