Monday, October 18, 2021

Road to ID10T: The Comic Scene


With the upcoming summer convention scene, the G33k-HQ crew started to examine what new conventions were coming over the horizon. With all of the others that are happening in June, one caught our eye, for multiple reasons, ID10T. A new comic and music festival by convention veteran and overall nerd Chris Hardwick.

While new cons are popping up all the time to service ever burgeoning fan bases, finding a niche is difficult. ID10T is focusing on servicing the growing scene of social nerds that go out to concerts and cosplay at events such as free comic book day. This is a scene for people who have either just gotten into comics and music along with those of us who grew up alongside it.

In the comic side of the convention, guest list has an amazing line up of artists and writers in the mainstream and independent scene. Prolific comic writers such as Rick Remender, Brenden Fletcher, Jai Nitz and Tom Fowler. Of course, the artists of pleasing panel pages will make the scene, Nick Dragotta, Morgan Beem, Becky Cloonan and Wes Craig. You could throw a dart at the page and find someone who has worked on a classic book that belongs in anyone’s library.

Not only will creators be there, publishers and exhibitors are making the scene. The exhibitor village will be populated by excellent small press studios such as Oni Press, Robert Kirkman’s Skybound, Valiant Entertainment and BOOM Studios! For the parents visiting the event, HowToons is even making the scene to present creative ways to stimulate children’s minds.

Mixing music, comedy and comics is something that you don’t see much of, it’s good to see something refreshing. As a person who grew up listening to scratchy music on a walkman, reading comics in my tree house with my friends, this event speaks to me.

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