Home Cosplay Sac-Con Coverage: G33K Mini Interview, Review, Image Galleries!

Sac-Con Coverage: G33K Mini Interview, Review, Image Galleries!

Sac-Con Coverage: G33K Mini Interview, Review, Image Galleries!

Another Sac-Con has come and gone, but not without leaving us a lot of fun times this past Sunday! Sac-Con started small way back in 1986 says owner Dan Houck, “The show had no guests, a little over a dozen vendors tables and less than 200 attendees.”  However since then the convention has grown and is a staple in the Nor-Cal convention scene. After their humble beginnings, the Con has moved to the Scottish Rite Center (where it’s been for over 15 years). They have well over 100 vendor tables, attendance into 4 digits, and usually host some pretty cool guests. At the show last Sunday, there was George Perez, Dan Brereton, Billy West, Mike Hampton, C. Andrew Nelson, and Joe Wheems – just to name a few!

The G33k-hq team decided to hit the Con in force. We had a blast! Dan and his team were as accommodating as always. After checking in with David Wadley, we made our way onto the packed convention floor. Even with the Sacramento Marathon making it next to impossible to get to the Scottish Rite Center, the Con was well attended. We took a lot of great pics (see the gallery) and said “hi” to a bunch of our Con-friends.

The line to see George Perez was crazy long, but Mr. Perez took the time to meet each and every fan who waited. He is a real stand up example of a comic icon! We peaked in on the Magic and Yugio tournaments, stopped by Carlyfornia Love’s table to see what is new and hot on the Geek Fashion scene, had a great chat with some of the artists (stayed tuned for interviews from Mike Hampton and others coming soon!) perused the floor for treasures. Skulldouggary was heart-broken to have to leave the Con WITHOUT a very fairly priced vintage Atom Ant Lunchbox! (next time Douggary!)

All in all we had a great time

G33K Mini: C. Andrew Nelson

We got a chance to get an on the spot interview with actor / CG artist / G33k C. Andrew Nelson. Check out this 3 minute interview with him at Sac-Con.



Charity Raffle:


Cosplay and Guests:

All images from our two photographers Perry  “Agent P” Louie  and Danny “Dviouz1” DeLuna


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