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San Jose Fantasy Faire was a Fantastic Time

San Jose Fantasy Faire was a Fantastic Time

Winter has come and gone, and with spring in the air, the time is right to toss on a tunic, sharpen your plastic or foam swords, and get some fresh air and sunlight in a world of magic. That is to say, at the San Jose Fantasy Faire, which ran from April 12-13 in San Jose, California.


The Fantasy Faire could be considered an upgraded Renaissance Faire, with all the usual attractions plus pirates, Disney, and time travelers. There was a tower for Rapunzel set up near a pirate ship, while a short distance away was an area for sword fighting with foam weapons. All around the area were booths selling outfits, weapons, and souvenirs, as well as several stands with a variety of food and drinks.


There were two stages for performances around the faire, with shows scheduled for each of them. At times there were storytellers, musical performances, dance troupes, or even animal trainers, so those in need of resting their feet could sit and enjoy a show at just about any time.


People could also stop by some tents to enjoy a few games, such as old-fashioned board games or a game of Liar’s Dice. Those wanting a more hands-on experience could learn sword fighting with wooden or foam swords, or just watch other people pummel each other.


One addition that was a great bonus was a table set up for a few authors to sell their books at. The subjects tended to be within the theme, and most had a special discount or sale price for faire attendees. The authors were more than kind, and made for a great addition to the fair for fans of literature and aspiring writers alike.


Even just walking around provided plenty to see, with tents set up to entertain as well as sell. Children could talk to princesses, enjoy archery lessons, or hop aboard the pirate ship. Then, of course, there were the costumes – many attendees wore their fantasy finest, hopping out of the Renaissance times or fairy tales to walk around.


There was an Easter Dragon about, as well as trolls and drow, archers and knights (both midieval and Jedi), and so much more. Cosplayers Tallest Silver and Roxanna Meta were in attendance as Anna and Elsa from Frozen, while 10nant Cosplay took a trip through time and space to visit as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who, and I myself went as the bard/dashing swordsman Elan from the Order of the Stick webcomic, to name a few. Those were just some of the many friendly faces that could be seen throughout the weekend, but it was impossible to go anywhere without seeing in a wonderful costume.


In short, the San Jose Fantasy Faire provided an excellent way to spend a weekend, whether for one day or both. Many of the staff members here at G33k-HQ helped make it possible, but as I was not one of them, I’m not just saying that to pat myself on the back – I attended before I came here, and you can bet I’ll keep going to the Fantasy Faire year after year.


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All image were taken by Perry “Agent P” Louie  & Dan Showen


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