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Tech: One61 The Superhero Smartwatch Collection

First, let me start off with these are limited run and pre-sales are going quickly for the two that are available. Now let me say how awesome these Loot Crate exclusive Superhero Smartwatches from  One61 look amazing. They are a bit pricey at $124.99, but as they are limited that can be expected.

A fully immersive experience unlike any other!  One61 Smartwatches fully integrate with both Android and iOS operating systems, allowing you to answer and ignore calls, as well as access contacts and view call and message logs. Other key features include sleep monitoring, hands-free music control, phone finder, and camera control with an interactive experience woven into each one.

  • The Flash Smartwatch is based on Barry Allen’s series debut. With design cues from S.T.A.R Labs and Flash himself built into the watch
  • With five different watch faces, there’s a style for every timeline.
  • Keep Central City safe by reaching your daily step goals to help defeat Flash’s greatest enemies.
  • The S.T.A.R Labs team will send you Metahuman alerts to remind you to keep moving, throughout the day.
  • Unlock secret content by fighting crime as you achieve your health goals.
  • Use the patrol reminder to set an alert to get up & move.
  • You even get the choice of 5 unique character-inspired faces.

Technical Specifications:

Supports Bluetooth® 4.0
and BLE

1.54in. 240px. X 240px.

G-Sensor, Microphone,
Speaker, Haptic Output

Step Tracking,
Sleep Monitoring,
Movement Reminder

Sync (Time, Phone Book,
Message, Notifications),
Remote Music Player,
Remote Control Camera, Anti-Lost

Time, Alarm, Timer,
Stopwatch, Do Not Disturb

OS support Android 4.0
or above, iOS 7.1 or above

Case Size:
45.5mm x 40mm x 9mm
Case Materials:
Zinc Alloy and Plastic
Watchband Width: 20mm
Watchband Material: Silicone



NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER item first and only available here. It has VERY limited quantities. It will ship separately from any other items in your order (for no additional cost) and is expected to begin shipping March 10th, 2018.

Experience the rich history of the Batman universe with the ‘66 Batman watch. The themed design is just the beginning of your Gotham adventures. Experience exclusive content and a rich, gamified experience where you join the Caped Crusader as he saves the city.



NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER item first and only available here. It has VERY limited quantities. It will ship separately from any other items in your order and is expected to begin shipping March 10th, 2018.

Barry Allen has never been one to shy away from fractured timelines, but this S.T.A.R Labs themed timepiece comes from the best one. Based on The Flash from the TV universe, this watch takes everything you love from the series and gives you the chance to help save Central City!


You can view IGN’s Unboxing for the Batman Smartwatch below:

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Jeremiah Fat-Bastard Slack
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