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The Problem with Girl Gamers… As Told by a Girl Gamer.


The video game industry is several decades old now, and while the medium of games has seen numerous evolutionary changes and some of the audience has matured, there’s still one constant: it’s a business that predominantly caters to and is operated by males.

That’s not to say that the industry has not evolved and grown to accept females. As a gamer (who happens to be a woman), I’ve  witnessed and can testify to the changes that the industry has made to accommodate the growing female population. Sure, there’s room for improvement, but name an industry where there’s not. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Exactly. One of the biggest problems with society today is that people are never truly satisfied. You give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Nothing has proved that statement to be true more than the female gaming population.

Now, before I continue, I’d like to note that I am not speaking for every girl gamer out there. I’m not even speaking about myself really. But, everyone’s encountered a “Feminazi” or two in their gaming career. And it’s these women that are honestly preventing females from being accepted into the gaming population.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s no secret that the industry predominantly caters to males. It always has, and let’s be honest, it probably always will. But truthfully, what’s wrong with that? It’s a business that makes money by catering to the frat-boy mentality that most gamers possess. Women knew this before they ever picked up a controller and decided to barge into the industry, and yet, they act as though they’re being discriminated against and continuously insist and demand that developers alter their business and strategy to accommodate the minority that are female gamers.


Now, it’s been confirmed that women make up a large percentage of gamers. Recent studies show that women make up a whopping 47% of the gaming population. And in my opinion, the industry has done a pretty good job of recognizing that statistic and working to appeal to the female gaming population. But, despite developer’s efforts to include and invite women into the gaming community, women simply continue to segregate themselves from the population by whining, complaining and b*tching… or in other words, ‘acting like women’! There are more female protagonists now than ever before. For years, women voiced their opinions regarding the sexism and depiction of women in video games in skimpy and revealing outfits. They demanded that they be treated equally and covered up so as not to be demeaned at “sluts” or anything of the sort. Yet, when the female soldiers were introduced into Battlefield and Call of Duty, many girls complained that they weren’t able to customize their soldiers to look more feminine. I mean, seriously women, make up your damn minds. Do you want to be the sexy stand-outs or just another face in the gaming population?

After pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian attended the Xbox One press conference in LA’s E3 trade event, she spoke out on Twitter. “Thanks #XboxOne #E3 press conference for revealing to us exactly zero games featuring a female protagonist for the next generation.” No doubt Sarkeesian, who runs, was expecting some lively discussion despite writing the truth. What she got was a stream of abuse.




Now, I don’t condone the douche bags that insist that women have no place in gaming.  I believe that those men with that mindset need to grow up and realize that we are in the 21st century and women play games. Deal with it! But, on the same note, women need to stop complaining about being harassed and discriminated against when playing online. I’m going to get a lot backlash for my next statement, I’m sure, but it really does need to be said… Female Gamers ARE NOT targeted nor discriminated because they are females playing an online game.


Now, I already know what you’re going to say. “But, GigZ, what about all the sexist jokes and perverted comments that we encounter on a damn near daily basis?” Truth is, every sexist, crude or perverted comment that girl gamers encounter is exactly what they have been fighting for, for years. All of you feminist females need to stop crying about inequality and demanding that you be treated fairly and realize that every time you get harassed, you are experiencing the norm.

“I think one of the main problems with the ‘inequality’ between boy and girl gamers is that people think there actually is a problem to begin with…. girls who get shit talked take it more personally, when part of anonymous multiplayer is dealing with people who want to demoralize you in any way they can. They don’t shit talk girls because they’re girls. They shit talk girls because that’s what they can shit talk about for girls. Everyone has an identifier, and crazy aggro players attack it whether it’s rational or not.”  – Nicholas Fultz, Kuma Kreations Entertainment,

I truthfully couldn’t have said it better myself. The online gaming community is overflowing with arrogant, ignorant and overly zealous douche bags that will attack anyone and everyone, with or without reason, regardless of whether it is justified or not.  These individuals attack gamers for race, religion, age, sexual preference and yes, even gender. It’s not just happening to us girls.  It comes with the territory and it’s something that we all really need to just accept and understand.


Bottom Line, we’re all different, but we’re all gamers. We all encounter the same situations, deal with the same harassing behavior and we all play the same video games. Stop with all this nonsense and realize that the more you push for feminism, the further you are out-casting us from being accepted. Until we, as women, understand and accept the fact that we are simply a small part of an endless and ever growing industry, we will always be categorized as “Girl Gamers” instead of being truly accepted as just another gamer.

Geeks, Nerds, Gamers ... we’ve all been outcasts for years, decades if you will. We are finally getting recognition and notice and I feel that it is merely just beginning. The force is strong within us all and when we come together and unite for the purpose of staying informed and growing as a whole, everyone benefits. That’s what I expect. I hope to help G33k-HQ continue to grow, expand, unite and inform the Geeks, Nerds and Gamers of the cyber world.

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