Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Disney’s Star Wars Land & Immersive Hotel Revealed at D23 Expo

As I gaze upon the plans for Disney‘s upcoming Star Wars Land and immersive hotel the words, “I’m home.” resonate in my head. During this year’s D23 Expo we got a peek of what’s to come. First off we finally get a name for the new areas which is ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ in which guests will be able to explore a remote space port on the edge of wild space where a host of characters from a galaxy far far away will come to life.

Visitor will find themselves smack dab in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. One of these attractions will be the hanger bay of a Star Destroyer and at another guests will be able to pilot the iconic Millennium Falcon while tasked in completing a critical mission. Folks will be able to earn some extra credits but if they’re not careful they might find themselves on Harkos’ bounty list. There will be a lot of new faces to see and some old ones as well, such as RX-24 aka Rex from Star Tours who found itself a new gig as the DJ at the cantina.

The next big announcement is the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando will be getting an immersive Star Wars hotel. And by immersive we hear that guests will get the full Star Wars treatment once they check in. Word has it that all the employees aka cast members will be in costume and character, each guest will have their own storyline which will “touch every single minute of your day”, and the hotel itself is supposed to take place in space (which means the windows will only show space). Now as a Star Wars fan that sounds great! I just wonder how normies will handle this experience.

Are you hyped yet? I certainly am! Can’t wait to live, breathe, and be Star Wars once they get it all up and running! ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ is set to open in 2019 at the Disneyland Resort. Orlando’s Disney World will open their doors a year later. At the moment no further dates have yet been announced.

[Source: Disney Parks Blog]

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