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Katsucon Carries on in Spite of Snow

Someone must have really upset an Elsa cosplayer, because Katsucon is frozen. (You’ll have to forgive the obvious joke, for I am truly sorry.) While weather conditions have made it difficult for many con-goers to reach the convention, those who can make it are still braving the cold.

The convention itself is still on in spite of the cold and snow, but the staff isn’t overlooking the weather conditions. It released a few weather updates on its Facebook page, offering information on the con’s conditions and providing advice for those who are attending.

An early status update stated: “Well, it’s gonna be a close one. As of this message, the prediction is 5-8 of snow Wed night into Thursday, winter storm watch, computer modeled predictions and all. Then it gets warm, and the snow all starts melting Friday, then freezes every night, then remelts the following day, because “screw you, that’s why” from Mother Nature who has unfriended me on FB.

“BE. CAREFUL. Seriously. You guys are super-valuable to us, and we want no one hurt with broken whatever because they slipped on black ice or tried to drive in blizzard conditions. We may have a fun convention but we don’t want you to get hurt or die over it. If you don’t think you can make it, STAY HOME. Or wait for stuff to melt. IT CAN WAIT because we’re here all weekend.”

As the con grew closer, it continued to offer weather updates, noting “It’s super-hard to predict this one. It could be like Hoth, or it could be like a gray Slurpee. Either way, BE SAFE.“ As well as warning attendees “Do not eat yellow snow. It is not a yummy frozen Japanese lemon treat.”

Good to know, Katsucon. Good to know.

Out-of-state attendees have found that the weather at the con is the least of their worries, as getting there in the first place is a bigger concern. Weather conditions have delayed or just plain cancelled many flights, leaving some would-be attendees stranded at the airport.

Cosplayer Imari Yumiki posted that her flight was cancelled, with no replacements available. “Missing a con isn’t a big deal for me, just missing people is a bit sad for me,” she stated. “But I do what I got to do.”

Others managed to make it half-way there, only to be blocked from taking connecting flights. Some were stranded while waiting for a new flight, while others, such as Eurobeat Kasumi Photography, took matters into their own hands and rented cars to get the rest of the way, driving through the snow for a few hours to enjoy the con.

Of course, weather is nobody’s fault, and the convention cannot and should not be faulted for having the bad luck to have to deal with this kind of snow and ice. Katsucon has been doing a remarkable job keeping attendees updated about weather conditions and encouraging them to stay safe, for which I applaud them.

This also speaks in favor of the determination and spirit of the attendees, who are willing to bear the cold and ice to enjoy the convention. I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing many amazing pictures of cosplayers in the coming days, and many will be showing enough skin to make one wonder why they didn’t turn blue.

That said, turning blue would be completely acceptable if they were to cosplay a Nar magi from “Magi-Nation.”

Untitled 3

While many may be enjoying the con through chattering teeth and shivering skin, conventions tend to be well worth it. To all the Katsucon attendees who made it, I hope you have a great time. For those who could not, I hope you still have a great weekend and enjoy all the cons in your future.

As for me, I think I’ll turn up the heater and wrap myself in my 4th Doctor’s scarf. I do not have ice powers, so the cold does bother me.

Robbie is a lifelong nerd and a familiar face in the Northern California convention-going community. In addition to writing convention reports, interviews, and nerdy news updates for G33k-HQ, he’s an ENnie Award-winning adventure writer, and a comic/TV show reviewer at Multiversity Comics.

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